Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring has really sprung her in the last few days. Yesterday was sunny and just over 80 degrees and I was off work ( I work Wed-Fri.) so we, along with my parents, took advantage of it with a trip to Bernheim. Kerry enjoyed our "pick-a-nick" lunch and little nature walk.




Then we found the playground and let her run free...


Getting a little help from Mamaw on the balance beam. Her little tush is apparently not big enough yet to hold up these 3t cropped pants without a belt, ha ha.


She played with this neat little table..



And spent a while swinging, of course. She also got to feed the geese, fish, and turtles in one of the ponds (she absolutely loved the turtles) and she collected a few rocks. I love watching her explore and enjoy the outdoors. It gives me a great excuse to do the same =).


the meaklims said...

She and Lilah would get along mighty fine! :) They are two of a kind - loving the outdoors and exploring. Oh, and Lilah totally says pickanick too. Always has, it's one of those words that she knows how to say correctly, but continues to say it her way. I love that!

Love her blue stripey shirt and that last photo of her swinging, is just gorgeous. Love that your Mum is in it too, at least I think it's your Mum. :)

Totally envious of your spring weather. Roll on April!

Btw, I'm hoping to go back to work in September on a part-time basis and I'm also planning to work three days, like yourself... Tuesday-Thursday - I feel like I'll get the best of both worlds! Now I just have to keep praying for the after school daycare I've talked to, to come through for me!

Jill xx

Football and Fried Rice said...


I think we are expecting snow this weekend!!

Dana said...

These pictures are so cute and spring-y!! I miss that is snowy/cold here. Can't wait for April to be back home for a visit!

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