Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Makenna and her Mama were in town last week. We had a lucky little break in the rain so we met up at the Z00. It was so good to see Dana and Makenna and I think the girls had a great time getting reacquainted.

We have had soooo much rain over the last couple of weeks...our April rainfall total is over 10 1/2 inches so during any little break in the weather, you'll find us outside for some fresh air and sunshine. It just makes for a happier Kerry (and it does Mama some good, too).

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Kerry LOVES baking cookies...seriously...she gets so excited when I bring out the cookie cutters and baking sheets, so that's one thing we've done while the weather has been less than agreeable.




Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter re-cap..

Easter started out, of course, with the dyeing of the eggs. This year we did it at my parent's house after a yummy dinner on Saturday. Here, Aunt Stephanie is joining in on the fun.



Then there's the can't forget the basket. We stuck with the essentials when it came to the sweets; you know, the Bunny (chocolate and P-butter..yum), the jelly beans, and some Skittles (okay...mommy wanted an excuse to buy Skittles). She also got "The Princess and the Frog" movie, and some fun little toys. She had obviously just woke up in this shot, ha ha.


I completely failed at getting some really good pictures of Kerry in her Easter dress. The weather has been gray and.....soggy, Kerry was kind of tired, so it just wasn't in the cards, folks.


After a beautiful worship service, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Travis hosted Sunday brunch (thanks, it was delicious) and an egg hunt, which had to be moved indoors this year. Here Kerry and cousin Sydnie are patiently waiting for the green light to start hunting =). Nana and Papaw fill each egg with quarters for the girls piggy banks.


And we couldn't let little cousin Kinsley go without an egg ..or dozen.. of her own. She is the cutest little thing ever.


Okay, she just turned three....but is it just me or does she look much older than that in this photo. Yikes.


Getting some lovin' from Papaw John. I love this photo.

I hope everyone had a blessed Resurrection Sunday.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Today was teeth cleaning day. We recently had a new dental office open up within walking distance, and after finding out that it was "in network" with our insurance company (our old dentist was not), appointments were made for all three of us.


This was Kerry's very first Dentist visit. We talk it up all week, so she knew exactly what was coming and was ready to go.


While we were waiting to go back, it didn't take Kerry long to discover this little table with a paper roll stretched across it, just begging for her to "doodle" on it.


And this cute little "mouse hole" with more toys stashed inside for her to explore...


Soon it was her turn in the chair. She had a very brief moment of panic and decided she wanted me to hold her hand. After that, she was fine. She was, much to our relief, a calm a cooperative patient. They counted her teeth (she has twenty tiny pearly whites) then they flossed , cleaned, polished and brushed on a flouride coating.


She was thrilled to get a brand new Dora toothbrush, a little tube of SpongeBob toothepaste, and a little hourglass that helps show how long to brush (I still do that for her, of course). I was so proud of my brave girl, and I think she's pretty proud of herself, too.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Keep on the sunny side...

Kerry was putting on a little show for her Mamaw yesterday to show her one of the songs she's learning lately. Yes, I know, another video clip but I couldn't resist =).

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Backseat driver

Now that Kerry knows what the different colors of traffic lights stand for, she feels it's her responsibility to let us know what color each traffic light we encounter is, and what to do about it. And if we're going somewhere she's been several times before, she likes to tell us where to turn and which way to go. She actually has a really good memory and sense of direction already. I have a feeling that in a few short years, I'll be asking her for driving directions...since my sense of direction is not always so keen, ha ha. It was almost naptime when I shot this little video, so you can see her cuddling Robe and taking little "hits" off of it...she's addicted, I tell you.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

This child melts my heart...



and makes me smile....really big =).


This is what she does when I ask her to "say cheese" and smile.


But sometimes she obliges me with a good old fashioned grin.



She lined up her blocks and said it was a xylophone (she says "zi-ya-phone"), and used straws to "play" it.

Kerry has been really obsessed lately with the idea of being "big" and being "little" and it reflects in the things she says lately. Things like:

"Mommy, when you get widdle (little) like me you can climb it"

"Daddy, you're to big to do dat, when you get widdle like me you can do it" ( She seems to think we can age backwards).

When asked to eat certain things she says "I can't, when I get bigger I'll yike (like) it".

When she sings she tends to sing loudly and when she dances she often looks kind of like she should be in a pre-school mosh pit, doesn't matter if its the ABC's song, or the theme song to the Backyardigans. So the other day I asked if she was rock'n' rolling and she said, "I'm to little to rock and roll, when I get big I can rock and roll! " ha ha.

She was carrying something heavy and I commented on how strong she was and she said, "Yeah, I AM gettin' big".

Yes, sweetie, you are.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kerry singing in the tub

Kerry has really been picking up on some of the songs she hears on the radio lately. There are a few that she gets particularly excited about and will sing along to, especially this one by Chris Tomlin. She was a bit distracted by her bathtub toys but I just had to get this on video.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kerry loves the indoor playspace at the E-Town Mall so, after brunch at Bob Evan's, that's were we spent our Saturday. They have all sorts of things to climb and room to run. It also has an enclosed perimeter so it's easy to keep up with the little darting out into the mall traffic.


On top of a Mayan pyramid.


A miniature of the Roman Colliseum.


The Great Wall =)....right before I stopped her from jumping off the side.


She also had fun on the little Merry-go-round.


Then we came home and played some more. "Miss Kitty" as my Mom and Kerry have named her, is a stray that came around a few years back and had kittens. I had her spayed so there'd be no more adorable little "gifts" to try and find homes for. She also eats well here and has a warm bed in our garage in the winter...but Miss Kitty prefers to be an outdoor cat. She and Kerry adore each other.

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