Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bernheim Colorfest 2013

Last Sunday, on a whim, we decided to go to Colorfest at Bernheim Arboretum.  

Kerry enjoyed checking out the Alpacas.  Sweet animals...pretty cute, too.
They had THE softest hand-knitted goods made from the Alpaca hair for sale.
Silly girl.

Snack break.

Piggy-back break  =)



Mommy thought the raptors were pretty cool ( I kind of have a thing for owls, especially).


She had a blast in the huge corn maze.

Just looking pretty while waiting her turn on the rope bridge.  The Boy Scouts set one up each year.  This was Kerry's first time on it and she thought it was pretty awesome. 


But I think the highlight of the day for her was discovering just how much fun it is to roll as fast as possible down a huge grassy hill.  Check out that smile!


Even though we're nowhere near peak I did get a few shots of the emerging Fall colors.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Someone found Mama's eye shadow. 
So my baby girl has been in Kindergarten for exactly 37 days (at least I think that's what she said earlier today, and she is keeping record).  She is still loving it in a pretty big way which makes me very happy.  We had our first ever parent-teacher conference and she brought home her first ever report card.  It seems my smarty-pants girl is reading at a third grade level, and is above grade level in math as well. I can't really say I'm overly surprised but I'm still super proud of my baby girl.  So the teacher has started giving her some first grade work and put her in an accelerated reading group.  Mrs. Pfister also said that she was a very sweet girl who is "a joy to have in class" and "adds many insightful comments to our discussions".  This makes me every bit as proud as the great grades =) 
She comes home every day singing some new little song or another, or saying something new in French.  She's made some sweet little friends, and she's been on her very first bus-ride to her first ever field trip to watch a Winnie-the-Pooh play at the Kentucky Center for the Arts.  She brought home her first "bug"from school a couple weeks ago.  She ran a fever of 103.6 and was diagnosed with Strep, but she's all better now.  And most recently we went to her first school skating party.  She was pretty cute trying to learn to skate.  She fell quite a few times but got right back up and by the end of the night she was managing on her own without holding my hand or using the wall for support.  She had so much fun, she can't wait for the next skating party. 

Oh, and one more recent development that is totally unrelated to school.  She is cutting a new lower molar.  I had no idea they did that at this age!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lake Cumberland 2013

 Each October we go with Doug's family to Lake Cumberland State Park.  We always look forward to this little weekend getaway.

Kerry was just thrilled to spend time with her cousins.  This was little Kinsley's first year.  They spent mornings like this, bleary eyed but ready to enjoy each other's company...for the most part ; ).

Ready for adventure.
Just being a little crazy.


Collecting rock and shell "treasures".

Just being cute.

My girl can always spot a potential balance beam.
This one is fuzzy but I still love it =)
All three girls fell asleep on the pontoon ride.  Kerry passed out first and slept the longest.  Maybe she's still recovering a bit from the bout of strep throat that was diagnosed with last week.
Another thing she can spot from across the room is a checker-board.  She's good, too!
And, as always, the pool at the lodge was a huge hit =).
We came home Sunday afternoon and I'll have you know that Kerry was asleep by 7 pm and did not wake up until 9 am Monday morning!

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