Thursday, March 3, 2011


Quote from Kerry: "I'll like Sa-yem when I'm bigger"...ha ha. I Guess poor Salem is just going to have to bide his time until them.

They actually tolerate each other pretty well until Salem decides he wants to be a part of what she's doing or he gets curious and sniffs her toys. She doesn't like that so she'll yell "No Sa-yem! No eating my stuff!"


the meaklims said...

Lol! She is the sweetest angel! That is a very diplomatic way of putting it Kerry Lu! :)

And what a sweet shot of Salem!


Jessica said...

He adjusted better then I thought he would to having a child. I guess Jamey really did break him in for her.

Harlow Family said...

I think he has adjust well and I love this pic of him!! Maybe you should do photography more?

Debbie said...

She is so clever....and funny!

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