Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh this girl.  She is just too much sometimes... in the best way.  One of the things I first noticed, and came to love, about Kerry is that she has no problem expressing herself.     

 That definitely includes her wide range of facial expressions.  

Today my funny little clown was feeling extra expressive so, of course, I grabbed the camera..and of course egged her on with snapping away.

Until she decided it was time for a little Wii action which meant the photo session had drawn to a close.

I love this little face with it's every expression and it's smallest nuances which makes me dread the fact than in a few short weeks, she will be having outpatient surgery to fix the fact that her lower lashes are turning inward and are causing corneal abrasions.  I've mention her surprise diagnosis of eye entropion before.  We had no clue there was anything wrong until she had her first appointment with an eye doctor, just for a routine vision check, about a year and a half ago.  She does not know that her eyes should not feel the constant irritation that they must be feeling, so she never let on.  She had an appointment with one of the specialists who's been following her for this and he kinda winced and groaned when he looked at her eyes under the slit-lamp today.  Even after a few growth spurts, and as her face has matured, her corneas are still taking a beating from those inner lower lashes so it was decided that it's time to fix it.   Dr Gossman is an oculo-plastic surgeon so all he "does" is eyes, but it still makes me nervous...especially when he says that this may make her eyes look a little more "Occidental" and a little less "Oriental".  To which I, of course, replied that I did not want her to look any less Asian than she is!  He assured me that she will still look like "herself".  He does not have to touch her upper lids, only the lower lids and with tiny incision under each but Mommy is still not thrilled that this needs to be done.  That being said..it NEEDS to be done so Mommy is just going to have to deal.  I did manage to find before and after photos on-line of a 4 year old Asian boy who had  the exact same procedure done, and it really didn't change his appearance at all, so that calms my nerves a bit.  And, my goodness, if that's the only surgery she ever has to endure especially given the fact that she was adopted as a "Special Needs" child due to her VSD, then I really shouldn't be complaining at all!   But, someone is about to go at this little face that I love with a scalpel so, like I said..not exactly thrilled. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I caught her watching television in light that pours in through the large window in our living room and I just could not resist snapping a few pics.
Kerry's current favorite show is  "Sophia the First".  She sings all of the songs and plays the games on Disney website and did I mention that she sings the songs all-day-long?   I don't remember what she was watching when I took this picture or what this expression was for, but sometimes I'll snap a photo that reminds me just how pretty this child really is. 
 She granted me a smile.  It was a "hurry up and take the picture" smile but I'll take it.   I find it very interesting that she and I have nearly identical dimples on the exact same spot on our chins.   Isn't that funny?   

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This handsome boy is LG, the newest addition to the Miller household.  You may remember him from some pictures posted back in the late summer/fall.  He's grown ALOT since then.  You may also remember that Kerry named him after an electronics brand that she's had a mild obsession with for some time, now.  Funny girl.  I don't think I posted about losing our oldest cat, Sassy, a little over a month ago.  She lived to the ripe old feline age of 16.  We are now a two kitty household, and plan to stay a two kitty household.   We actually happen to be a two black kitty household.  We joke that the neighbors are starting to wonder about us.


LG is still just a baby and is such an ornery little sweetheart.  He aggravates his big brother Salem to no end, but I catch Salem grooming him.  He's so gentle and longsuffering with Kerry and he lets her tote him all over the house and he provides so much entertainment for her.  It's safe to say she's pretty crazy about him.  We're all kinda smitten with him, actually.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A little Mommy pout.


My baby girl is officially registered to attend school.  We won't know which of the schools we requested within our "cluster" of schools she'll be attending until around May.  I'm so going to miss our Monday's and Tuesdays together when she goes to Kindergarten in the fall.  Sometimes we run around looking for something to get into, sometimes we have lots of errands to run. Other times we just stay in our PJ's till noon, take it easy, play grocery store, do puzzles, make things.  Anyone will tell you that she is more than ready for school.  She's worked through her separation anxieties with much thanks to the Mother's Day Out program she attends once a week, which we enrolled her in for mainly that reason..that, and it gives her an opportunity to play with kids her age.  She's reading, for petes' sake, and was breezing through a first grade math workbook just the other day, so she really is ready.  Mommy?  Well I'm just going to have suck it up...but I can't say that I'm not already dreading it just a bit.  I know it's inevitable,  I know she needs to go, but I don't have to like it. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Anyone for tea?

My girlie has been sick all week.  She's five days into a course of antibiotics for Strep and a cough that she's had since Christmas Eve.  She's a lot better today...but she's still not quite 100 percent yet so we've been keeping things low key.  She even missed gymnastics last Thursday! We've spent a LOT of time just playing around the house enjoying a few of her Christmas gifts.  She's especially been enjoying her new Tabeo tablet and the cute Ladybug Game that she got. 

Last Saturday she decided she wanted to have a party with her new porcelain Tinkerbell tea she got from Nana and Papaw.  She even decided to "dress up" for the occasion which, in her opinion, meant simply adding a tiara, some jewelry and high-heeled sandals to her jeans and long-sleeved tee ensemble, hehee.

These shots make me giggle.  We were having cookies and York Peppermint Patties with our tea and she, having never had a peppermint patty, got carried away in the moment and said "Mmmmm!".  But as you can see in the second shot she very quickly decided that they were NOT for her.


It had snowed a little overnight and my poor girl had been cooped up inside for 4 days.  I decided that some fresh air might do her some good so I layered and bundled her up and we went out for a few minutes.  She loved being pulled around on her sled.  We got it last winter but never once got to use it.  We barely had enough snow to use it on Saturday. 


 She was so happy to get outside for a few minutes.  We even had a few crocodile tears when it was time to go back in.  Poor baby is sick of being cooped up.   Since she's feeling so much better tonight it looks like she'll get to go to "school" and gymnastics tomorrow.  She can't wait!
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