Friday, August 31, 2012

Meet the newest member of the family

Kerry would like to introduce someone
Meet our newest little black haired cutie


His name is "LG" 
(I know..mean trick, he hee.)
When Miss Kitty passed away I had no plans of adding another feline to our family...but we all know that life is full of little un-planned surprises.  This little guy just kinda showed up under our neighbors deck one day, then he made his way into our back yard.

Yes, she named him LG.  You know, as in the electronics brand..and as in "Little Guy".  Ever since we purchased an LG t.v. two years ago Kerry has had a funny little fascination with them and points out every single LG product she sees.  She even used to insist on walking through the electronics department when we're out shopping so she can point out every LG t.v. that she finds.  So, this is what she's named the kitten.  He's cute, he's very sweet and friendly, and she loves him to I guess he's ours now =).
On another note, my Canon should be out of the shop in about 3 weeks = /.  Apparently the circuit board has to be replaced...sigh. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kerry learning to read. 4y 5m

My baby girl is really learning to read!  Monday, we bought a set of Berenstein Bears books at Sam's and after we got home she cracked open book one (of course... my girl is all about doing things in order) and started to read.  She needed help with some of the words but at not quite 4 1/2 she makes this Mama so proud  =). 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I have a storage bin full of old fabrics, buttons and other"sewing notions" that belonged to my Great Gramma.  She and I had a special bond and, in a lot of ways, I think I've turned out to be alot like her.  I was only 5 when she passed away in 1979 but I remember that she used to sew little outfits for me from time to time.  I found this fabric with pink balloons and navy stripes in with all of her old fabrics and wondered if maybe she had planned to make something for me from it.  Then I decided that, after sitting in a storage bin for over thirty years, she would want it put to good use!  So I found a simple pattern, dusted off my sewing machine, and made a skirt for my girl =). 



The pink fabric around the waist band was among my Great Gramma's fabrics too. 
I couldn't get the stripes to line I just went for a "chevron pattern" effect.  They seem to be popping up absolutely everywhere lately, anyway.  The important thing is..its SUPER twirly =).


Sigh, I miss my Canon.
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