Friday, May 29, 2009

Wow, what an afternoon! We're weren't expecting consulate appointments, much less plane tickets, until next week due to the Dragon Boat festival/holiday being celebrated in China and offices being closed. Mike, our agency's travel coorinator, called me at work to let me know he got our appointment and, oh yeah, we can purchase our tickets, too! He said we only had three hours to do it ,though, since the travel agency they book through is on the west coast. Not a problem =). I can't describe how it feels to finally know when I get to meet my daughter. God is good.

1. Final travel schedule:
6/18 UA5697 leave Louisville at 8:33 am, arrive Chicago at 9:01 am (seat: 8A/B/C)
6/18 UA895 leave Chicago at 12:22 pm, arrive Hong Kong at 4:45 pm on 6/19
6/19 KA906 leave Hong Kong at 7:00 pm, arrive Beijing at 10:35 pm
7/1 UA850 leave Beijing at 4:10 pm, arrive Chicago at 4:30 pm
7/1 UA5696 leave Chicago at 6:45 pm, arrive Louisville at 9:12 pm (seat: 15A/B/C, 16A)
Holy cow, we just purchased our plane tickets!! We leave June 18th and will meet Kerry on Father's Day, how cool is that?! Things are really moving quickly now.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We found it!!!

We got our TRAVEL APPROVAL today!!!!! I am so happy and relieved.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Shower pics...and has anyone seen my TA?

My sister-in-law, Debbie, put together the most wonderful shower for me on Sunday! There were Chinese lanterns on each table, each with a different colored hair bow attached for me to keep for Kerry. She used take-out boxes for peanuts, mints , forks, spoons, etc. And the was blown away by the generosity and well wishes of my friends, family, and church family.

We're not sure which one of these two are responsible for the little indentation in the icing. Jamey and Sydnie were both hovering around the cake before the shower ; )

Hand-painted by Lee

I just love this. This adorable little girl was a gift from Cousin Peggy. She now lives safely on top of my TV armoire. ( I have a little one on the way, I'm, not crazy).

I almost cried when I opened this. It says "There's nowhere on Earth I wouldn't go to bring you home to me", and was a gift from Susan and Theresa.

And this got me all choked up ,too. Happens easily these days.

We're still waiting on our TA. I talked to Mike today and he said that he spoke to someone at the CCAA on Monday that our TA was in the "final stages" and has just been "waiting for the signature of the leader". If it's an ink pen he needs, I'll be happy to overnight one to him... gold-plated and engraved if that helps any = /. Hoping for better news tomorrow or Friday.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to all of my Bloggy Friends!

Even though my Daughter is still halfway across the world and we've never met, Doug decided that I should still be able to celebrate Mother's day, for the first time. I woke up this morning to beautiful flowers, a card from Doug ( he even signed Kerry's name, too, and left me a very sweet note inside). He can be so thoughtful =).

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jessica and Jamey are spending couple of weeks with me again while her hubby, Jimmy, gets things ready for them to move back to Florida =(. Yeah, I'm going to miss having them close. Tonight, I came home from work to homemade turkey and dumplings...yum-my. About half the time, dinner is enjoyed out on the screened patio, and the weather tonight was BEAUTIFUL.

Jamey opted for mini- corn dogs, instead.

I ended up having two helpings of these yummy dumplings.

More stuff for Kerry..

She needed some pink Chucks =)

I found these cute patent leather t-strap Mary Jane's on clearance. I'm buying shoes a bit larger than I think she'll need, just in case. She'll grow into them =)

I found this little beauty yesterday, also on clearance.

She's got a good collection of little summer dresses started.

And we got some special gifts from some very special bloggy friends recently. We got the most wonderful book and adorable "Ireland" shirt complete with hair accesories ( they know us so well, and we've never met =).

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh my goodness! We got a call from our agency's travel coordinator today. He say's that our groups TA's are coming in ahead schedule (we were a last minute addition to the group so ours should be in later this week) and that we may be able to travel on JUNE 4th....a week early.......less than a month from today!! Fingers crossed.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mine That Bird wins Kentucky Derby

This has been the talk of the town today. It was a real stunner yesterday when a 50-1 longshot who was bought for a mere $9,500 won the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby by 6 lengths! This horse got very little local press over the weeks leading up to the Derby. No one really expected him to win. His Jockey, though, Calvin Borel, also won the Oaks race the day before, and won the Derby on Street Sense two years ago! Exciting stuff... at least to we Louisvillians!

Speaking of the Derby, guess who already has Derby Memorabilia. I had to start Kerry a Derby Pin collection, and I'm looking for a Derby glass from last year since that's the year she was born ( I have one from 1974, my birth year) . And then there's this...

Yes, I got this special edition Derby Barbie for Kerry (not me...really).

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