Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It was a looooong, cold winter.  I do not enjoy winter.   I enjoy watching my girl playing in the snow....that's basically #1 on my list of the one thing I like about winter.  

Goodbye and good riddance, winter.

Moving along, my girl recently made a very big decision in her young life.  Kerry accepted Jesus and was baptized!  She's very young, but she really "gets it".  One night she just kept asking lots of questions about "being saved" and just could not seem to let it go.  I tend to believe that you can tell what they know by the questions they ask, and that if she's asking a question, she's probably ready for an answer.  So I did my best to explain it to her.  Shortly after that she informed me that she had asked Jesus into her heart!  Two weeks later she was baptized.   

On February 28th my sweet girl turned seven!!  Oh my word I cannot believe she is seven.  This year she celebrated at Chuck-E-Cheese with her cousins and two friends.  Seriously, how can she be seven?!

This past week she decided she was finally ready to ditch the training wheels for good.  Kerry is two-wheeling it, now!  Can you please stop growing so fast, baby girl?  Please?

Friday, January 16, 2015

It's been months since my last post so I think its time for an update!  This girl of mine is still growing like a weed and keeping us on our toes.  She is about 47 1/2 inches and almost 50 pounds and is getting to be more and more of a "big girl" in so many ways. 

Oh my goodness, it seems like I just sent her off for her first day of Kindergarten and now she's a First Grader!  And boy is she ever rockin' it.  At our first Parent/Teacher conference of the year the report was that her math skills are at about a third grade level and she's now reading at a fourth grade level.  I am seriously wondering how I'm going to keep up with this girl! 
We had an unusually chilly Halloween but it didn't keep this cute Kitty from trick-or-treating.

As usual she loved dressing up and collecting the goodies but barely ate any of her candy!  I guess that's not such a bad thing...for her teeth, at least.  Speaking of teeth, guess who finally has two very slightly wiggly bottom front teeth.  She was so excited tonight when I told her I could see a bit of a wiggle.  She's one of the only kids in her class who haven't lost any teeth yet, so she is so ready.

Christmas came and went again.  Look how grown up she's looking in these photos!  This was the year of "My Little Pony".  It's pretty much all she asked for.
So now it's 2015 and I can't wait to see what this year has in store! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Last splash of Summer!

Before I start posting photos of the pretty Fall colors that are just around the corner I thought I should post the very last of the Summer 2014 memories.  Kerry had pretty much outgrown last years little wading pool so she got a new, bigger one this summer.  She has had so much fun with this pool, which is now stored away in our little shed until next year.  I took these pictures a few weeks ago and wanted to get them on here to remember later.  I have really been neglecting our little "digital scrapbook" lately and I'm feeling a little bit guilty about it, I guess.  Anyway, I love these fun photos of my girl!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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