Saturday, July 27, 2013

She's going to be a Kindergartener in just a few weeks.  Not sure I am ready for this, but she is.  She had her Kindergarten check up a few weeks ago.  She is now 43 pounds and 43 1/2 inches which means she's grown an inch since March!  Not surprised...I was noticing just the other day that a pair of capri's she had on looked shorter than they did the last time she'd worn them.  We've bought her uniforms, backpack, and purchased nearly everything on the school supply list we were given.  On Thursday she said goodbye to most of her friends and teachers at the Mother's Day Out program that she's attended once a week for the past two years.  Turns out her special friend Nathaniel is going to be in the same class as her.  And another one of her friends is going to be in a different Kindergarten class at her new school. 
Our local library did a "Kindergarten Countdown" this year.  They partnered up with some local businesses and they give out free t-shirts to the kiddo's who will be going to Kindergarten.  These t-shirts give the child and one adult free admission to different attractions and events around town.  This past week Kerry and I went to an event at the Louisville Science Center.  She had a blast!  She was two the last time we went to this museum.    

Not sure what this is, really, but it's been outside the entrance of the museum since I was a kid and a photo in front of it is kinda mandatory.
She had fun trying to build the strongest structure she could, then "testing" it against earthquakes with the push of a button. 

She has been talking A LOT lately about space, the solar system, and wanting to go to outer space so when she found this space mission simulator she was one very happy little girl.

Another thing she's crazy for lately is "America's Ninja Warrior".  One area had a rock-climbing wall, maze, and this little rope obstacle thing.  She had the best time going through the course again and again and each time she finished her "challenge" she'd run up and smack her pretend stop-watch button. 

She loved arranging and rearrange this ball track.

It's in a different area of the museum now, but I can remember running through this "rain curtain" many times as a kid. 

Having fun in the water area.

My bubble-loving girl thought it was a dream come true to actually be inside a giant bubble =).
And just to bring home just how big my baby girl is getting, here's a photo of her taken during a trip to the museum in November 2009 at 21 months.

Same spot, Summer 2013 at five years of age. 
Slow down just a little, baby girl, Mama's heart can hardly take it!

Sigh.  As we were heading back to our car we spotted the Belle cruising up the river.  And that reminded me that Kerry has never been on a steamboat cruise.  Must do that soon. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My big girl hit another milestone this past week.  She learned to tie her own shoes. 

She practiced and practiced with one pair of shoes.

She decided that laces were a bit to short so she moved on to another pair of shoes.

Those laces were a bit too long causing them to touch the floor even after being tied and ended up causing a bout of tearful frustration because they weren't "perfect".  I think my girl has gotten used to things coming to her pretty easily.  It's been a challenge trying to teach her to cut herself just a little bit of slack sometimes. 
Eventually she rallied and has been demonstrating her new-found shoe-lace tying skills to friends and family.  I am so proud of my girl and I'm happy that she got this skill down before starting school next month...for her teacher's sake if nothing else  =).

Ni Hao Yall

Friday, July 12, 2013

Splish Splash.

 We've had a bit of a wet Summer so far.

She doesn't seem to mind =).

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