Monday, August 29, 2011

After tackling the highchair project a few weeks back, I decided to try to find an old wooden doll bed to fix up for Kerry to play with. I had some paint and plenty of fabric left over, and the sewing machine was already dusted off and oiled, so why not? I started by scouring the internet for several hours and found multiple listings for "vintage wooden doll bed" but most were selling for 50 to 100 dollars and up. Not exactly what I wanted to pay. But I learned a long time ago that, with a little patience, a better deal can usually be found. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long or look far. I decided to hit a "Peddler's Mall" across town, and just before I was about to leave, I found what I'd been looking for...almost.
I actually had more of a crib style bed in mind, but this was wooden, looked like it would go well with the high chair, Kerry liked it, and it was marked down to 18 dollars. Score!
So, like the high chair, I hit it with some primer and "ballet slipper pink" spray paint. I made new mattresses for it. And I made new pillows and quilts for it using the same fabric that I used on the high chair.
Kerry even got to help by stuffing the pillows with poly-fill.
The end product. I can see a couple of things I wish I'd done differently, like making the quilts a little wider so they'd maybe drape better, but Kerry is happy with it and that's what matters most to me. ( The wet spot on her skirt came from her little toy car outside in case you noticed it).


Since there are actually two beds, Kerry can actually fit most of her "babies" in all at once by laying them sideways. And this bunkbed separates into two twin beds, too.
Today Baby Penguin was the one enjoying the new bed. Kerry adores this little penguin...almost as much as her beloved pandas. Actually, she's into an "all things penguin" kick lately.
So, anway, that's my latest project. And, again, I had a lot of fun doing it. And now that I've got the sewing machine all warmed up, I'm thinking of trying my hand at making some simple little skirts and dresses for Kerry. Maybe.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

We spent the afternoon at Mamaw's. As we often do, we ended up making goodies....specifically, Scotcharoos ( a yummy conconction made of peanut butter, butterscotch morsels, and rice crispies covered in chocolate).
Kerry loves helping out in the kitchen.
Especially when it involves mixing ingredients...


and spreading....

but MOST especially, she loves licking the spoon, or spatula in this case.

After her bath tonight she got to enjoy another sampling.
So did Mama =).

Thursday, August 25, 2011


We've been toying with the idea of putting Kerry in a one day a week program for months now ( I think I've mentioned it here before). I've also mentioned Kerry's struggles with separation was a good year before we could even leave her with one of her grandparents for a little while...let alone someone she doesn't know well. I just couldn't take the look of terror, followed by panicked wails the few times we tried. I couldn't put her through it. It's just been this summer that she's gone to Children's Church on Sunday's without tears. Every thing I've ever read about toddler adoption and children who've come from "institutional" settings, along with my gut instincts with her, have told me that I need to be sure that she really "gets" that we'll always come back for her before pushing the issue. But, I've really wanted to put her in some sort of program so she's somewhat prepared for the separation that will come with Pre-K next year. Well, in the just the past couple of months or so, she has started showing so many signs of readiness that we decided to enroll her in a one day a week "Kids Kamp" program. Last Thursday was her first day. Let me tell you I lost some sleep worrying about how she might do. I had to work that day, but luckily Dougs parent's were just minutes away and "on standby" if she got truly and unconsolably upset. We'd spent the previous week talking with her about it, and letting her watch all of the "going to school" programs I could get my hands on. She'd met her "teacher" and some of her little classmates the week before. We got her new shoes, and let her pick out a lunchbox. Anything to prepare her and give her a sense of control in the situation.

Well, I'm very happy to report that my worries were for naught. We walked her to her room and after a quick good bye kiss and an "I'll be back soon"...we left. She had a worried look for a few seconds but "Miss Billie" quickly got her distracted as we left. I stood outside the door for a few seconds.....not so much as one tear (her at least... I was "this close"). Today was her second time going and, again, she did great. She even napped during their rest time which tells me she how comfortable she is with this. My girl finally "gets it". She trusts that we'll a lways come back for her. I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Yes it's always bittersweet when you see your child growing up and not needing you as much. But I'm so happy for her that she finally seems to feel safe in the knowledge that we'll never leave her.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's that time of year again. It's State Fair time! I've always enjoyed the fair and usually end up going at least once during it's yearly 10 day run. Kerry's first fair experience was just weeks after coming home, then we took her last year, and this now this year. It was HOT, and my shoulders ended up a little sunburned but all in all we had a great time.


Kerry first spotted the giant fountain at the entrance and had fun throwing pennies into it. She's always gone crazy for fountains....and they've helped this Mama out one more than one occasion while on the rare mall shopping trip.


One of her best "friends" is a little toy baby chick that was an easter present from a neighbor, and one of her favorite books is a story about a little chick, so she loved this little exhibit with hatching and newborn chicks.


She rode this little course in "Safety Town", complete with working traffic lights, miniature buildings, and an officer to tell them about road safety. She even got a little "drivers license" with her name on it for participating.


Her favorite thing of all seemed to be these little ducklings. They would scurry up a ramp, eat a bit, then slide...not so gracefully but oh so adorably....down this little slide, and then swim around to the ramp to do it all over again


After walking aroud some exhibits we ventured outside to the midway for a few rides. We bought Kerry some ride tickets and she was so excited to walk around with them and hand them to the ride operators. If you notice the sunglasses are a bit big for her, I forgot to bring hers (bad mama) so she ended up borrowing mine for a while =)


She chose this cool little motorcycle ride...


and got a bit of a surprise when it "popped a wheelie". It did this at a certain point during each time around the course.


I love this shot, ha ha! This ride kind of gave a lurch at the beginning and I happened to snap this pic at the right time to catch her reaction.


She ended up riding this twice.


Then it was time to cool off with some ice cream. Here, she's watching the band that was playing in the tent we found to get out of the sun while she finished her rapidly melting treat. We also ended up enjoying some corn dogs and lemon shake-ups. Gotta love fair food.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My little surfer girl. Kerry has taken a keen interest in anything related to surfing this summer. We, unfortunately, live no where near any ocean so I attribute this to watching "Backyardigans" and a few other favorite shows that all had a surfing theme at the same time on our on demand programming recently.

So she decided that our chaise made a nice makeshift surboard to practice her form on.

(sigh) I know, Baby. Mama wishes we had an ocean
nearby, too.

Guess it's time to gang up on Daddy and convince him to move. Or at least take one more beach vacation before summer is over =).

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just a little project...

So I had this old high chair that I got from my Gramma for Christmas when I was almost 4 years old. This thing was made in the late seventies, complete with a "Bicentennial" print, and it was just sad and dingy. Kerry has pretty much ignored it up until recently, so I decided that if she was going to play with it, it was going to have to get a serious freshening up. So I took some spray paint (I let Kerry pick the color), some fabric I had already, some batting, some poly-fill for a new pillow, and a staple gun and somehow managed to turn this....

Into this...

I had so much fun, and its so sweet to see my girl playing with the same high chair that I enjoyed as a youngster.

Today after Kerry "fed" one of her babies she said it needed burped. So she put in on her shoulder, gave it a good patting and said "BUUURP!". Then she said "TOOT!" and just laughed and laughed. She really cracks herself up. She makes me laugh, too =).

Time for a diaper change.

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