Saturday, June 30, 2012

I know I'm going backward, but I managed to upload photos from my out-of-commision Canon using my printer's card reader so I could post some photos from a very special visit we had on the way to Florida.  It seems that while Kerry was in the orphanage in China, she had a good buddy named Nan-Nan.  We had the opportunity to meet Hannah Nan-Nan last summer and reunite the two friends.  Well, just weeks ago Hannah became a sister!  Hannah and her family live in Georgia so we managed to meet up for dinner on our way to Florida and meet Andrew.  What a sweet and special little guy!  It was hard to believe that they had only returned from China two weeks prior.  These three warmed up to each other pretty quickly..especially after everyone had filled their bellies and by the time we made it out to the parking lot to say our reluctant goodbyes these three were laughing and playing ring around the sign post =). 


Getting a good shot of these three was not easy...they just wanted to play.  So I gave up on the idea of them all looking the same direction and smiling nicely and just took what I could get =).


What a cute bunch, though!


Time to say goodbye, for now.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


So, it's about time I posted some pictures from last week's Disney vacation.  Let me start by saying that my Canon quit working on the very first day of our vacation...bummer.  I'm really hoping it's a simple fix.  I'm so glad I at least had my little point and shoot to fall back on. 

We hit the road early Saturday morning along with Nana, Papaw, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Travis, and cousin's Sydnie and Kinsley who drove separately.   We drove until we got past Atlanta..then turned in for the night at a hotel.  This was where Kerry decided that swimming indepently is much more fun than hanging on to Mommy or Daddy.  She was so thrilled with herself =). 


We finished the drive to Disney on Sunday and checked into our room at Disney's Port Orleans.  Kerry was given Mardi Gras bead necklaces and a "first visit" button which she wore proudly. 


Sydnie and Kerry wasted little time in finding the playground and pool area.


After we all got settled in it was time for dinner at Whispering Canyon in Frontier Land.

More to come!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Goodbye little friend.

IMG_2501 by ginmiller74

"Miss Kitty" passed away last week while we were in Florida.  She was at least 16 years old..maybe a bit older.  She showed up around the time that we were moving in 15 years ago..with her small brood of adorable orange and tabby kittens.  It soon became obvious that she had decided on calling our back yard her home and did not plan on going anywhere anytime soon, so after her babies had found homes she took a little trip to the vet to ensure that she would not be giving us any more little "blessings".  While she was a very friendly and sweet natured kitty she was content to be an "outdoor cat", although she always had food, water, and a warm bed ready for her in the garage for cold winter nights.  Miss Kitty was always very sweet and affectionate with Kerry, and Kerry loved Miss Kitty..I think even more than Salem and Sassy.   Kerry is taking it okay so far but she keeps asking what happened and wants to know why.  She said today that she would really miss her and that she was Miss Kitty's "very best friend".  The back yard somehow doesn't feel the same without her to greet us.




Monday, June 11, 2012


My baby girl...I'm still in awe that God saw fit to give me such a blessing.  And I can't believe that later this month, she will have been ours for three years!  Wow has the time flown.   She had her 4 year old checkup today and she now weighs 39 pounds and is 41 inches tall!  She also got 4 immunizations and she was so brave.   I could tell she was trying hard not to cry but by the third shot the tears were welling up and by the last one they were flowing..but that was the MMR which really burns.  Just about broke my heart. 

Kerry seems to be in kind of a funny place lately.   Hard to explain.  She still my happy, silly, energetic girl..she just seems a bit more clingy, in an " I need some extra attention" kind of way at times.  And even though she is becoming more independent in ways, she has been sooo, so affectionate and cuddly lately.  She's even taken using a "baby talk" at times.  It's all very, very sweet and Lord knows I love getting lots of hugs and kisses from my girl but it's kind of making me wonder if somehow, on some level, the anniversary is to blame.  I've read that this is not uncommon in adopted children. 

Then there are some of the things she's said lately.

While crawling around and pretending to be a baby she said:
 "I'm a baby.  I don't have a home.  I don't have anybody to keep me".
Of course I had to scoop her up immediately and assure her that I would be happy to keep her forever.

While playing with her favorite stuffed animal friends she'll tell me that so-and-so is "sad because he doesn't have a mommy and daddy."

Yesterday after showering me with hugs and kisses she said:
"I'm giving you lots of hugs because you take good care of me and I gave you ten kisses so you know I'm gonna keep you forever".

Be still my heart.

She has also used the term "adopted" in reference to herself for the first time yesterday.  We have several adoption themed children's books that we've read to her since just after she came home and she likes to watch her adoption video.   We've always tried to talk about it as much as her age and interest level allows (she usually has only mild interest in the subject),  but I don't think she's really started internalizing it until lately which makes me wonder if this might be to blame for what's been going on with my girl lately. 

Not sure, but I guess I will just give her all the extra attention and hugs that she seems to be wanting right now and try to listen to the things she seems to be saying without really "saying" them. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Another little video =)

On the same day as we filmed Kerry's "Big Bad Wolf" story she also announced that she had a song that she would like to sing.  Of course I grabbed the video camera.  Obviously it took me a while to get around to uploading it, but here it is.  An original song about ...from what I can gather...naps, cats, rice, and yoga =).

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