Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another snow day.

I have been a terrible, terrible blogger lately.  Christmas and the New Year was just "off" due to illness, and then I was in a wreck and my car was totaled (Kerry was not with me, thankfully).  Also my laptop is acting up.  I have an IPad but cannot upload photos directly to it. 
Anyway, enough with the excuses.  School was called today due to bitter snow and cold (around here 19 degrees F and 3 inches of snow is enough to warrant a snow day), so Kerry and I enjoyed some quality time just hanging out in the living room listening to records and playing.  This also meant plenty of daylight, so I got out my camera for what seems like the first time in weeks.

She spent quite a while playing "Clinic" and seeing patients.  Sofia had a fever apparently, and a boo-boo on her arm.

.  I love when we get to have days like this, especially now that she's in school and they're getting harder to come by. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More Christmas.

Poor Kerry spent most of her Christmas break sick.  She was diagnosed with Flu A on Sunday and battled high fevers and was just generally miserable.  We always spend Christmas Eve with Doug's family and Kerry loves the time spent with her cousins and by Christmas Eve she seemed to be on the mend so we went for it.  These girls seem to be growing so fast! 

She got a rainbow loom and Syd showed her some basic bracelet patterns.  Kerry managed to enjoy herself for about 2 hours before she started crashing again.  Thankfully we live only about ten minutes away.
Kerry still insisted on sprinkling the little packet of "reindeer food" that her teacher sent home in her backpack.
By Christmas Day she was really starting to feel bad again.  She would not eat anything and at one point after she woke up from a nap and the Motrin had worn off her fever was up to 104.7!  I nearly panicked but managed to get it down fast with a cold pack on her neck, a tepid sponge bath and more Motrin. 
Thankfully she's feeling tons better now.  Her appetite is back with a vengeance and she's playing and fever free! 
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