Monday, May 27, 2013

One of Kerry's new favorite things to do on her swingset is to "wind up" the swing then let go and see how fast she can spin.  Anyone else remember doing this? =)

It's been a while since I've shared some of the things my girl has said lately.  First I have to share some of the crazy-big words she's been using all of a sudden.  Words like:
And then there are the more memorial things she's come up with.  While reading the bible story where Jesus calms the storm while on a boat with the disciples.  I said that I don't know anyone else who could make the wind and the waves obey and she said " Yeah! Jesus is like, the boss of the World!"
While helping Kerry wash in a Dairy Queen restroom after she was half covered in ice-cream a waitress bombarded us with some really intrusive questions about Kerry's heritage, adoption, etc.  After we got in the car I decided I needed to talk with Kerry to see if this upset her.  She seemed pretty much unphased by it.  I then decided to discuss with her when it might be okay to speak or answer bluntly in return to questions like these.  She said "You should only be rude to bad people.  Like solicitors."  Ha!  Apparently she's still got no love for solicitors.
She's not even been five for 3 months yet and she's always saying "A long time ago...when I was four years old.."
Yesterday while on a long stroll downtown she saw some people who had rented a pedal powered rickshaw type thing.  She said "That's resourceful!"
And earlier this week she asked:
"Mommy, why doesn't Nana drive a school bus anymore?"
me:  "Because Nana is retired"
Kerry: " Yeah...and tired." Ha ha!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Slippin' and Slidin'.

Yesterday was sunny and warm.  The first day it was really warm enough for playing in the least to us southern types.  Kerry bought herself a Little Mermaid slip-and-slide back in March with some birthday money and has been itching to try it out. 

First she wanted to play in her "splashin' pool" for a bit. 

After a while she was ready to try out the slip-and-slide.

Once she saw that it kinda has a built in sprinkler she was a little unsure about it.  She's still not fond of getting water sprayed in her face.  But, after I turned down the water pressure a bit so the sprinkler was more of a trickle she was ready to try it out. 

She spent the next hour slipping and sliding and giggling.
 This girl makes my heart smile =)


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gym time!

Kerry is still loving gymnastics and is getting better every week.  She is the youngest in her class but she seems to take it so seriously.  But that's Kerry...she can be super silly when she wants to but when it comes to learning something or if she's in a classroom type setting she is all business.  So funny. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013.

So it seems lately that I can't seem to blog any sooner than two days after the fact.  Better late than never, though, right?  Kerry was actually sick on Mother's day so she and I didn't even make it to church.  She had coughed all.night.long. so I just let her sleep in.  Later we went to my in-laws where we had a light lunch with both sets of grandparents, both aunts, both uncles, and cousins Syd and Kinsley.  Kerry loves her time with Cousin Sydnie.  So much so that she often pretends Sydnie is with us when she's not! 
I got some sweet little artwork from Kerry that she had worked on at Mother's Day Out.

And I got a new bench for the back yard and some pretty flowers.  Not to mention some sweet hugs and kisses =).

I didn't manage to get a picture of me with my girl on Mother's Day so instead I'm posting this slightly fuzzy shot of us taken during our last "dress up" session.  I don't usually accessorize quite so much =).  Feeling so blessed to have this sweet, smart, beautiful, kind-hearted little girl to call me "Mommy".

Friday, May 3, 2013

Just a little get-away.

Doug was on vacation all this week so we decided to take a little drive up to the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio. 
Behind that rustic exterior lies an enormous indoor waterpark, arcade, bowling alley, and they're even working on an indoor mini-golf.   
But I'm pretty sure Kerry's favorite thing was the magiquest game.

She was in awe of the fact that the "real" purple wand she picked out actually made the stars in the ceiling light up, treasure chests open, and suits of armor talk.  

Oh my goodness, was she loving it!  With this game you go on "quests" to find certain objects which are spread throughout three floors of the lodge.  And, of course, she had to complete ALL of the quests so she could collect all of the runes.  I love that she likes to follow through with what she starts (most of the time, at least) but boy were we worn out after zig-zagging all over three floors...for each quest...for a couple of hours. 

Also included in the "Paw-Pass", Kerry got to pick out a toy animal that she got to personally stuff.  She named her new wolf friend "Pink". 

She also got to bowl at "Ten Paw Alley" which had smaller lanes and 5 pound bowling balls...just perfect for the littler ones!

After she bowled she spent some time at the arcade and won a few little prizes.

But the main event was the water park.  We spent plenty of time in the wave pool, the lazy river, and the waterslides. 
Last year at Disneyworld she would not ride any of the water slides so she shocked me be riding all of the "kiddie" slides and she even rode this big one with us several times. 

She got a kick out if the fact that it spins you around a few times then "flushes" you down.

And it had a nice splash at the end.
She also enjoyed this challenging little obstacle course.

She was one happy, water-logged little girl by the time we left for home.


 Not to mention, tired.

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