Friday, January 30, 2009

Snowed in..

Hmm..what should I get into...!

Ok...done with that

Guess I'll play with my wooden helicopter for a bit.


Does this kid ever stop?

wake me when he's gone

Thursday, January 29, 2009

We are covered in ice, with a nice layer of snow over top of it. It's beautiful but, man, has it done a lot of damage. There are trees and limbs and power lines down everywhere. If you stand outside long enough, you can hear the snap, crackle and pop of the trees losing limbs. A big portion of the city is without power but by some miracle, we are not. Literally houses one street over and even toward the end of my street are without power and at the other end of my street there are lines down, so I don't understand how we have power. I'm just thanking God that we do.

Couldn't forget about the birds. The birdfeeder was iced over so I improvised.

Some of the damage.

Jessica, Jimmy and Jamey are without power so they are spending a few days with us. My office was without power as well so I got to spend the afternoon playing in the snow with this little cutie. This little Florida native is learning how to make snow angels.

Mommy and Daddy are having a snowball fight..

So Jamey decides he's going to join in on the fun

This stuff is hard to walk in

Did you know that a boogie-board with a jump-rope tied to it makes a pretty good sled

Watch this video clip to see just how good..

We walked to Kroger for a few necessities. After all that snow-play and a walk to the store he was tuckered out. Asleep at the wheel =)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm so thankful for double-paned, argon gas insulated windows. That's ice in the other side = /.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kitty Burrito!

Salem loves to "help" when I'm changing my bedding. I'll flick the sheet out high over the bed and let it fall on him like a parachute and he waits, wild eyed, for it to fall around him so he can kick and play-wrestle with the sheet. Not a big help, really. Most of the time I lock the bedroom door so I can finish the chore in peace. Last night I didn't think about it and he was there in a flash as soon as I flicked out the top sheet. Somehow while "wrestling" he got all swaddled up in the sheet , decided that was pretty darn comfy, and was out like a light in 2 minutes flat.

(See that large lump? That would be him.)

` So I decided to go ahead and take that long hot bath I had been planning on. Surely he'd be awake by the time I was finished.

Nope. Half an hour later....still sleeping. Ahh, well, I'll just go start that load of laundry that needs doing. Surely he'll be awake any minute now and I can finish making the bed.

Umm.. guess not.

Oh good! He's waking up.


Monday, January 5, 2009

I guess someone had a real hankering for some salmon and garden greens flavored cat treats. I thought I heard what sounded like Salem getting into something but I guess I waited too long before going to check on the situation ( yeah, I know, that's going to have to change once we have a child in the house). When I finally went to check things out Salem was nowhere in sight but I found kibble strewn all over the kitchen floor.

(notice the teeth marks and thorough shredding)

He's not admitting anything...

but I know better.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What Doug and I went to see today...

And, boy, was it worth was such a good movie. It was the best movie I've seen this year ; ). No, seriously, it was the best I've seen in a while. The story, the characters...they did a great job casting this movie, I think. It was kind of sad but in a bittersweet way. It was beautiful.

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