Monday, November 24, 2008's that time,again

We have to update paperwork, and we've set up and appointment with our social worker to update our homestudy. We may be changing things up a bit, though. More on that later if things pan out ; ).

Sunday, November 9, 2008

He's Home!

After one very long year, my brother is finally home from Iraq!!! It was so good to see him come home safe and sound. Thanks to all of the prayers that went up for them, not one of the 120+ men and women in his unit, the 438th Military Police Co., was injured during their tour through Ramadi, Taji?, and Baghdad. He got to work with , and spend time with, a lot of Iraqi people. Their mission was mainly to keep things safe while the people rebuild/ build things that were never there before. One man admitted to him that he fought against us during earlier conflicts. Under Sadaam's regime, he had no choice. He said that he and his family could have been killed had he refused. That's s good example of one of the better reasons why we're there folks. Now he and his family might get to enjoy a level of freedom that they've never had before. It's up to them as a people, I guess.

We made him a sign

And decorated my parent's van

My sweet Sister-in-Law , Stephanie, was so anxious to see him

And there he is!!
with Steph and Mom

with Steph and me

One very relieved and proud family

Those packs can weigh between 60-80 pounds. Can you imagine carrying all that in 110+ degree heat??

He wanted Cracker Barrel after all those months of Army food.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I saw this adorable little doll and could not pass it up. I know its probably the third doll I've bought but come on's perfect...and so cute!

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