Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well, it turns out I had less time with Ozzie than I thought. He apparently threw a blood clot, which can happen with his heart condition, and had to be rushed back to the emergency vet's office. There was nothing they could do. I held him as he passed away. I'm heartbroken. Words can't say how much I miss will miss him. He was special. He was so sweet and affectionate and beautiful. He loved for me to lay on the couch so he could curl up in the crook of my arm, lay his head on my shoulder, and sleep. My buddy.



Thursday, May 15, 2008


We nearly lost our cat Ozzie on Tuesday. I had noticed his breathing has been kind of off over the past couple of weeks but his appetite was still great and he was still active. Earlier this week, though, I decided it was time to see the vet. He was just "not right". In fact the very day I took him..he suddenly got worse. They did a chest x-ray which showed so much fluid around his heart that they couldn't even see his heart on x-ray..or hear it with the stethoscope. The vet gave him an injection of Lasix and said we would know within 24 hours if it would help but if not to take him to the emergency vet. She even wrote up a referral expaining what she had already done and her findings for them just in case. I took him home to wait and watch. He got much worse so we grabbed him and his chest x-ray and referral and went to the emergency vet about 30 minutes away with him struggling with each breath. They whisked him away to put oxygen on him and to do a chest tap to draw off the fluid. 400 milliliters according to the vet. She said they thought they were going to lose him before they could get the fluid off. They did an Echocardiogram (yes they have those for kitty's too) and found that he has an enlarged atrium and decreased heart function which caused the fluid build up. We were there for 5 hours, like any other ER I suppose. I got to see him before we left and he was like a totally different cat =).They kept him overnight to watch him and I brought him home yesterday along with 4 prescriptions. As I type he's curled up keeping my mousepad warm. His prognosis for a long life is not a great one but for now he's perfectly comfortable and happy.. and I have my sweet boy for a while longer.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Doug's parents are celebrating their 40'th anniversary so to celebrate that , and Mothers day, We went to Churchill Downs for their annual Mothers Day brunch and Spring Meet races. It was rainy and extremely windy but we still had a good time with his parents and his sister and our 2 year old neice. We even won a few dollars =). As a matter of fact, in the eighth race was a horse named Genevere. He is sired by Go for Gin, which is my nickname, and who happens to be the horse who won the Kentucky Derby on the day we went on our first date way back on
Derby Day 1994.
We just had to bet on Genevere out of principal and guess what.. he won !

My brother is home from Iraq on 2 weeks leave so we've been spending as much time as possible with him while he's in. Saturday we cooked out and just kinda hung out at his father-in-laws home. We had a great day =)

I've been thinking of starting on a One Hundred Good Wishes quilt for our future daughter. Especially since Kim over at Three Peanuts sent me these two beautiful quilt squares.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


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