Sunday, September 22, 2013

Watching the subtle growth and changes in my girl is still an endless source of amazement for me.  It seems that almost daily I look at her and the dress she's wearing looks like it just a tad shorter than the last time she wore it, or she seems to have lost even more of her "baby-face",  or maybe just the way she's carrying her self seems just a bit more mature.  It's heartbreaking yet nothing could make me happier than to be able to witness this.  Amazing isn't it?!

One of the more recent things I've noticed is that all of a sudden she's become quite the sassy poser. 
Usually I just catch her in a silly, giggly mood and just start snapping away, but earlier this week she was looking so cute in this dress and it was such a pretty day outside that asked her to oblige me with a few photos.  To my surprise she started posing.


I mean, really posing.

So of course I just snapped away.
She stopped briefly to share some juicy secret with Daddy.

Then continued smiling...even though she was starting to get warm.
Twirling.  I know she's really happy when she twirls.  And that makes me happy.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

She is just too much, this girl....

But, gosh, are we crazy for her!

I mean, come on, how could we not be!

 Especially when she says things like:

"Daddy, you're the best". 
and "Mommy, you're the best Mommy a child could ever have!"

She keeps us amazed and in stitches regularly with some of the things she says, and since starting Kindergarten she has picked up so many new things.  She has perfected the "teacher voice" already and she comes home nearly every day singing a cute new song.  As excited as she is about school, she is one tired little girl by the time evening rolls around.  She's gone from one day a week to five days a week...'til 3:45 pm, but she is really adjusting well.  Mommy is adjusting, too, to the new work schedule ( working Tuesday-Friday now),  the daily car-rider pick up line (nearly a half hour ordeal most days), and nightly lunch-making duties.  Which reminds me of something funny Kerry said after I made one of her new favorites for lunch...grilled cheese and fried bologna sandwich.  She said:

"Mommy you make the best food a mom could ever make for her child...or daddy! daddies cook?!"   Not in this house, apparently, haha.

And another cute conversation with my girl:
Kerry: "Mommy, how long has God been alive?"
Me: "Well, honey, God has been around forever"
Kerry:  "He was even alive in the nineties!"

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Just a little more Summer...

Kerry has been absolutely and completely LOVING kindergarten!  And she has been doing so well that the teacher has already decided to start giving her more challenging work.  I'm so happy to hear this because I don't want her to get bored and I don't believe on holding back the reins when it comes to learning.

At home, though, we're trying to squeeze out every last drop of summer before it's time for long pants and cozy tops. 

Thankfully, the weather has been quite cooperative when Kerry wants to spend most of Saturday hanging out in her swimsuit with the wading pool, sand-box, and swing-set at the ready.

She's usually willing to help Mommy wash the car.  Especially since she's discovered that she can create instant rainbows by spraying into the sunlight on the nozzles "mist" setting.
She's even getting another Summer's worth of use out of the little water table we got as a shower gift 4 years ago.  

Some days I can still hardly believe how the time has flown.

But most days I'm reminded to just sit back and enjoy every little moment with my girl.

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