Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My little surfer girl. Kerry has taken a keen interest in anything related to surfing this summer. We, unfortunately, live no where near any ocean so I attribute this to watching "Backyardigans" and a few other favorite shows that all had a surfing theme at the same time on our on demand programming recently.

So she decided that our chaise made a nice makeshift surboard to practice her form on.

(sigh) I know, Baby. Mama wishes we had an ocean
nearby, too.

Guess it's time to gang up on Daddy and convince him to move. Or at least take one more beach vacation before summer is over =).


the meaklims said...

Haha! Her form is great and with her beautiful colouring you'd think you definitely lived close to the ocean!

That's one of the things I REALLY miss living here (in Ottawa), we would have to drive 5 hours to get to one! Crazy! Especially after living in Ireland, an island surrounded by water! I shouldn't complain though, Ottawa is awesome and we have lots of manmade beaches and fabulous lakes! It could be worse, I could be living in a desert!

Hope you can get Daddy convinced! :)


Wendy said...

Such a cute surfer girl, I love it!

We leave for the beach today but no surfing for this Momma!

Have a great weekend!

Ms. J said...

Hee hee! Lil Pumpkin has a Ariel kickboard, and likes to lay it on our floor and pretend it's her surfboard. Sometimes in the bathtub she will shout "Watch out for the wave!" (there are beach/surfing themes in Bar.bie and St.rawberry Short.cake, too).

LOVE the B.ackyar.digans!!!!!!!!! Too bad LP doesn't watch it anymore :o(

Debbie said...

I too am from Ireland but now live in Scotland.... love living so near the coast! These photos made me grin.....

Harlow Family said...

Gin good luck in getting Daddy to go!! But she is so cute!! Love it!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Me too, Kerry Lu!! I would love to try my hand at surfing - though I'm pretty sure my form would look nothing as good as Kerry's!!

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