Thursday, October 14, 2010

A sweet milestone

Kerry has now been with us for one year, three months, and 23 days... exactly the same amount of time as she wasn't. I've read that this can be an important and pivotal point in the attachment process and I'm inclined to believe it. It has sort of felt to me lately as if we're closing the door on one phase in our relationship with her, and she with us, and moving on to another. She's testing us a bit more at times, and yet she's been extra affectionate and cuddly these past few days, especially at bedtime. And as I mentioned in the last post she's taken to referring to she and I as "best friends" =) . It's also been several months since she's had any "night terrors" or whatever sort of episodes they were. We never could figure out exactly what they were. I never felt so helpless as the time she was in the middle of one that lasted for more than half an hour. In any case, I'm happy that they seem to be behind us. And I'm so thankful for every day, and every little milestone with my girl =)




The above photos were taken Saturday at Bernheim. We spent the afternoon exploring and enjoying the fall colors, then we ended the afternoon with a little picnic. And just because I'm feeling all nostalgic, I thought I'd throw in photo of Kerry taken last fall at Bernheim.


Jessica said...

Oh I love the fall pics. I also love that child. She is getting close to 2 so get ready for the turn of the sweetness into the what is this is this still my child stage.

Sammons said...

cuteness overload!!! Such a hunny!

Lindy said...

Kerry just gets prettier and prettier. What a sweet girl she is. I still chuckle over her prounciation of "W" as "double." So cute.

Harlow Family said...

Wow I knew she had grew since you came home but that pic before and after really shows it! Have a told you lately how great it is to see you all as a family?

Dana said...

That is a wonderful milestone isn't it? Kerry looks adorable and so grown up compared to last year! Just looked at last years Halloween pictures with Makenna and Kerry at the Jack O Lantern Stroll. They are losing the "baby" look aren't they?

Football and Fried Rice said...

What a wonderful milestone! Truly - isn't it amazing what time can heal and how it can go by & you never remember life apart from the blessing of Kerry Lu?

Congrats & Happy Fall!


Lois Cooke said...

She's beautiful and growing so fast just like Hannah! Lois

Colin and Jill Canada said...

One of the best milestones! Congratulations!

She is pure sugar and she so suits red....and stripes...and well just about anything to be quite honest!


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