Monday, October 11, 2010

Kerry has been coming up a few new little phrases over the last week or so, ones she's never used before and some I have no clue where/how she came up with.

"Dat's a WHOPPER!"...she says this when she sees something she perceives as big.

"(insert name here)'s so funny!"

"Whatcha doin'? Lookin 'a' somefin?" (looking for something)...she said this to me from the top of the stairs after I ran down to the basement doing laundry. In Kerry speak, 'a' (pronounced like uh) can be used in place of the words to, for, at, and the.

"I see moon. I see CRESCENT moon!" She said this last night while in the car, and the moon was, in fact, a crescent shape.

And she's taken to calling me her "best friend" this week. I love it! But she also said the same thing to her soup (yeah, this girl loves herself some soup), so I'm not sure how much I should read into it. Then again, she only said it to her soup once, and has said it to me, like, 4 times so....I win! =)


Colin and Jill Canada said...

What a sweet smart girl. And "Dat's a WHOPPER"...killed me! SO FUNNY!


Jessica said...

We do the I see the moon thing eve since Jamey was a baby. he loves it . She is growing way to quick where is that brick at .

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Virginia...she is oh so precious! I love the little things they say and sometimes wish they would never outgrow this sweet phase.

Harlow Family said...

I love how much she is talking these days!! She is just too cute!!! I haven't seen you ladies in a few days please give her hugs from me!!

Carolin said...

Ahhh! Finally found your blog!

So nice to have met you the other night, I just love being out at the Bailey's.

How sweet that she calls you her best friend, sweet - sweet - sweet!

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