Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This past Saturday we went downtown to the Louisville Science Center with our wonderful neighbor Amanda and her son D J. Kerry adores them, in fact "D J" was the first name she learned to say, besides "Mama" and "Dada" at least. Amanda and I wanted to see the new Titanic exhibit and for the kids they have KidZone.

This has been in front of the building since I was a child

Kerry loved this interactive water exhibit.

She was soaked in no time. Luckily they had little warm air hand dryers set up so I just took her shirt off and put it under the dryer for a few minutes and she was good to go.

She loved "driving" the city bus. Just look how far her little feet are from the pedals.

Kerry and DJ playing at the grocery checkout stand

This was a demonstration of the immune system's response to bacteria and viruses. She loved the moving graphics.

Bubbles are one of her favorite things in the world, so she was tickled to death to be inside of one.

Even when it popped and splashed her face a bit

D J is always so good with her.

The museum is right on the river. Notice how she just had to climb the cables like D J. She's really into climbing everything and also likes to use anything as a balance beam. I see gymnastics classes in our future.

Sound asleep on the ride home.


Jessica said...

Oh I wish we could have went with you. Never have gotten to take jamey there . Maybe some day on some visit.

Ms. J said...

My Children's Museum tip for when you know in advance that there will be a water exhibit . . . pack a garbage bag and poke holes for arms and the neck, OR, bring along their rain coat, only put it on them backwards, tucking in the hood. Has served us well.

Does Kerry ever take a bad photo?! She is just stunning!

Harlow Family said...

We so enjoyed going with you both as well! Thanks for a great time!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Is she EVER having fun, such fun happy pictures! No wonder she slept on the way home!

Jill xx

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