Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas goodies with Grandma and special guests

The past few years, my Mom and I have gotten together to make Christmas goodies. One of the things we make are super simple white chocolate covered pretzels. We melt almond bark and white chocolate morsels, dip pretzels in them, then spread them out on wax paper to harden . This year, I had a little helper =). This is one of the little things that I am so grateful to finally be able to share with my own child.

You may remember my looooong time friend, Jessica, and her little boy, Jamey, from previous posts. She and her husband came up to visit with Jamey and their newest addition, 3 month old Joshua. This was my first opportunity to meet Josh and their first time meeting Kerry. It was pretty special to finally have our three little ones together. One of the highlights was piling our three and their carseats into Jess's new Niss*an Quest and driving around looking at Christmas lights until they fell asleep, then going home to tuck them in to bed . We did the same thing last year, with only Jamey, and talked about the day when we could add mine to this little tradition. Jess learned soon after that she'd have another to add to the mix, this year, too.

Yes, those are matching pajamas (we couldn't resist) =)

We took whatever photos we could get from two little imps and one unhappy baby.

isn't he adorable?! He's as squeezable as he looks, too.

He's not thrilled with the bath, but looks like he's resolved to just accept it,anyway.

They shared their toys pretty well, for the most part =)

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