Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This child makes me deliriously happy. She amazes me, really. She is so open and willing to trust and to give and receive affection, despite spending her first fifteen months in an orphanage and being handed over, four and a half months ago, to a couple of complete strangers who looked and sounded like nothing she had ever seen. On occasion I see a hint of insecurity, usually having to do with myself, or Doug, leaving. And of course, like any toddler, she can get very upset when something doesn't go her way or she's over-tired, but she really is just a happy, sweet, energetic baby. She's come a long way recently,too. A couple of Sundays ago, she stayed in the church nursery without me for the first time. And this week she stayed with Doug's parents by herself for the first time and did great. My mom usually watches her on the days that I work, but she's vacationing in Gatlinburg this week.

She had a routine checkup and got 2 shots today (at mommy's office). The poor thing was fine until we walked in the exam room and she lost it. She knows what it means now, after 3 sets of shots within 4 1/2 months. Dr Rash pronounced her healthy and she now weighs in at 26 pounds, is 32 inches tall, and has a head circumference of 18 3/4 inches.

She's such an adorable little melon-head, though, if you ask me.


Jessica said...

I am so glad for you guys all 3 of you. She is beautiful. I told you she looked active when I saw her first picture she had that look in her eyes that says look out world here I come. By the way sorry I did not call you back Jamey refused to go to sleep till 11:30.

Shawnstribe said...

Gin your heart is so beautiful, you are so in love and it makes me apreciate my baby even more!!!!!!!!!!!
You have a wonderful child who has come with so much strength, and now her Mommy and Daddy are just gonna help her blossom : )
you go girl : )

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Awww, that post just melted me, staying in the nursery on her own, that is just super news...means she feels so comfortable and secure now.

Lilah doesn't even want me to take her upstairs to Sunday School now. After Morning Church the children go to their Sunday School classes. Well Lilah has a special boy at Church, Simon, he's around 20 years old and has a love for children that amazes me. Well on the way to church about three weeks ago she announced "Simey take me Sunny School" and it's been like that every week since. I happy and I'm sad. I love seeing her SO confident but I hate losing my baby! :)

Jill xx

Harlow Family said...

Gin you certainly have a wonderful child! She has us all wrapped with her love! DJ & I are really looking forward to our Saturday with you an Kerry!

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