Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kerry met Santa today for the very first time. Yeah....she pretty much hated him. He was a much sweeter Santa than he looked but she was still having none of it. Does anyone else find it disturbing that there is a real, formerly live, reindeer in "Santa's Wonderland"? I'd love to know how many parents had to try to explain the dead reindeer to little Johnny or Susie tonight. It was a long line. This all took place at B*ss Pro Shop which explains alot, but still I wonder, is it Blitzen..Comet.. maybe Cupid? Whoever it was must have really ticked Santa off ;)



Felicia said...

Oh sweet Kerry Lu....she's so adorable and I have to say, she does look happier than Santa.

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Hehe! Oh my!

I have been 'talking up' Santa to Lilah recently. I almost brought her to see him on Saturday but restrained myself saying I'd wait until December! lol!

Lilah thinks if she sits on his knee she will get a sweet, that's all she cares about, the sweet! Heh!

I love it, even if Santa does look stern! :)


Jessica said...

Jamey freaked last year remember. I think he is looking forward to him this year though. Poor Poor Reindeer. He must have been Very Naughty .

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