Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve-eve at Nana and Papaws.


My girlie was looking so cute in her little sweater dress (a deal from Old Navy's clearance rack last year).  And those knee socks....I mean, come on!

After Church it was off to Nana and Papaw's for a little Christmas-ing.


When did she get so tall?!

Nana snapped a quick family shot for me.  I need to take more of these...or better yet, have a family portrait done for the first time in three years. 


Kerry and her cousins before tearing into presents.  Kinsley had been into the Hersey's kisses and had left the evidence all over her face.  I love these girls!  At ages two, four, and six they are little stair-steps with Kerry smack dab in the middle. 

Boy, were they ever thrilled with the new Tabeo tablets that they got from the Grandparents!  I think Nana just tired of them hogging her IPad  =).


Jessica said...

I vote have a family picture done then mail me one LOL.

Harlow Family said...

Oh look at there faces with there new tablets! Merry Christmas we love you all!

the meaklims said...

Kerry Lu, you are a beauty in your sweater dress and knee socks! Just gorgeous and growing like crazeeeeeee!!!

Merry Christmas to your family. Love your card, we have it hanging here and think about you often!

Jill xx

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