Sunday, March 25, 2012


As I may have mentioned, I love Spring! I mean, reallly, really love it. And I love that my shrubs and trees are all in bloom which makes for a really pretty back yard =)
My Yoshino cherry tree..
My Lilac, which is smelling so good right now.
Just a pretty little tulip..

My redbud, I love redbud trees, and we have lots of them around here.
My Carolina jasmine.. also smells amazing.
And my Kerry, who is enjoying her little playhouse. This was given to her by neighbors of ours who really took a liking to Kerry. They moved recently and could not take it with them. They wanted her to have it so we all picked it up and hauled it across the street. Trust's heavy, but she's worth it. It was so nice of them to give it to her, and she really loves it.
Yes, she's excited that the dandelions are back. Mommy..not so much.


funks said...

So jealous! It was 64 degrees here in Washington State today. Daffodils and Forsythias are blooming, but nothing else. The buds are swelling on the weeping cherry tree and the flowering plum, but my redbud tree is a ways off. I will just have to enjoy the pics of where you are for the next couple of weeks until our stuff starts coming out.

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness....what lovely pics! You have a wonderful garden Gin.
Our clocks changed on Saturday...Im with you, I LOVE Spring too. This weekend was unusually warm here, Gracie had a blast playing outside while we did a bit if gardening. We built our house a few years ago so its not an established garden like yours. How sweet is Kerry's little house BTW - I'm sure you will be having lots of tea parties in there this summer :)

Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

So beautiful! I love all the flowers!
I'm in Washington state too, and it's been cold and rainy ( as usual:-) I'm hoping Spring get's here soon! We have a Large Flowering Magnolia in our front yard that we planted late last summer, I can't wait to see the white buds peeping up:-)
I love Kerry's playhouse:-) The picture of her watering her little flowers is ADORABLE:-)!!!!!

the meaklims said...

Oh Gin! I love these photos! I love Spring! That foirst photo of the dogwood (I think that's what it is?) is gorgeous, a real stunner. not to mention your wee woman, she is gorgeous! Love that house and her peeking out the window! I lol's when you said it was heavy, but she's worth it! ;)

So cute! Happy Spring, and send our heat back our way, I'm so missing it today!


nancy said...

Beautiful blossoms and beautiful little doll baby! Blessings.

One Happy Mama said...

Lovely blooms ... I would be out there every day!! That playhouse rocks! Lucky you to snag it! nancy

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