Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My baby girl is getting so excited about her upcoming birthday. She tells everyone, even the occasional stranger in the produce aisle, that she's "gonna be FWEE candles!" and that she's going to have cupcakes, and chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream. We've even practiced blowing out candles. Let me tell you, the look on her sweet lil' face the first time she successfully blew out all of the wicks on the three wick candle we were practicing on, after being so excited about the idea of her "fwee candles", was priceless. As for me, I'm not sure I'm as ready as she is for my my "baby" girl to turn three.


And it seems that as she gets closer and closer to three, there are things that she does so differently than she did just a few short months ago. For instance, just look at the page she's painting above. Not so long ago, she would have paid little attention to the lines and would have just been content to put as much color in random spots as possible, and maybe paint a simple "smiley-face". Not any more. Although she still likes to add random splashes of color here and there, I watched for nearly half an hour as she carefully painted each of those boxes yellow..trying hard to stay in the lines. The growth and development that occurs in early childhood has always fascinated me, and now that I have a front row seat to observe it in my own child...sometimes I just have to sit back in awe, and watch.


the meaklims said...

What a fantastic shot of your beautiful concentrated Kerry Lu. Oh and I adore how she says she's going to be fwee candles...lol! completely adorable for sure!

I've missed you girl - was going to email you tonight to make sure you were all okay. But now I know you are, you're just sitting back, watching your sweet girl grow up. Isn't is bittersweet? I just LOVE watching the development, but it's scary losing my baby. I know you know that feeling.

We'll just have to do it all over again! ;)

Hugs, Jill. xox

Virginia said...

Aww, thanks Jill. Yes, we're doing fine. And I knew you'd understand how I'm feeling. Hmmm, maybe we will have to "do it all over again"...I guess time will tell.

Gin =)

Sammons said...

Oh my goodness she melts my heart! Look at her staying in the lines, that's impressive! Kerry Lu you always bring me a smile!

Dana said...

Kids are amazing, aren't they? Kerry looks so focused and intent. I love it! It is crazy to me that they are not babies anymore. By the time we get back to KY to visit we will have a couple of big three-year-olds to deal with :)

Football and Fried Rice said...

Fwee is such an amazing age! Seriously - princesses and pirate ships..I just love watching these girls grow up.

And i could NOT think of a finer birthday gift for Kerry Lu than making her a big sister!!

Jessica said...

She really was focused on it . She is getting so big. Jamey told me tonight he had to stay in the lines and I then read this . We blink and they just grow.

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