Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kerry loves her little dwarf hammy friend Ruby and was excited to spend some quality time with her yesterday. Louise passed on a couple of months ago (I'll spare you the details) and Kerry still asks about her occasionally. I don't know what else to say to a two-going-on-three year old aside from "Louise is gone, sweetie", which she accepts. She is so sweet with Ruby and handles her so gently. Ruby is equally as sweet and has never even offered to bite Kerry.



Last night we had a family movie and popcorn night. Aside from her beloved skates and a tambourine, Kerry owns nothing with the "Dis.ney Princesses" on them. We decided to take our chances and let her watch "Beauty and the Beast", and she seemed to enjoy it well enough...especially the music. She'd never seen it before and she sometimes likes to make up her own titles for things so she picked up the case, studied the cover for a second, and said "Dis one's called.... "The Pwincess singing"..ha ha.


Yeah, I'm hoping we can stay immune to the whole D.isney Princess merchandising. She was pretty into the movie at certain points then she'd lose interest and start coloring or working a puzzle, so we'll see. Judging by the only moderately interested look above, I think we might be safe for a bit longer. Right now, she'd rather be a Pirate than a Princess. I'm not complaining.

Oh and I had to share a funny little Kerry-ism from earlier this week. We were at Old N.avy just kinda seeing what we might find for spring and at one point Kerry said "Mommy! We're at the Old Maybe!"


Debbie said...

Hi Gin! Havent been around much as my computer gave up! So have enjoyed your last few posts...Kerry is just sooo funny, her personality just shines through the screen at me. Dx

Melody Lietzau said...

We Love "old Maybe" Ha! She is adorable.

the meaklims said...

As far as Disney is concerned, Kerry & Lilah would get along just great. Lilah hasn't seen any of those movies yet! :) I love what she called it, "The pwincess singing!", they just call it as it is, don't they?!!

I hardly recognized Kerry Lu in that picture of her sitting back watching the movie. She is changing. So beautiful.


Harlow Family said...

I was cracking up when she said that the other day! Miss you all!

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