Thursday, January 27, 2011

I know my girl is bright, and I don't feel bad in saying so since I can't take any genetic responsibility for it, but she kinda blew me away earlier today. See, she has this little sight words DVD that she's shown a lot of interest in watching lately, so of course I let her. I wasn't sure how much of it she was actually taking in since she usually just kinda watches it while also engaged in some other activity, and I'd not yet heard her "read' any of the words. Well, let me tell ya, she proved me wrong today.

She read the first word that popped up, which was "my", so of course I cheered and congratulated and so she got all excited and then......she proceeded to read almost every sight word on the DVD. She read: my, with, like, but, see, here, go, had, are, was, she, we, his, on, they, as.

Let me just say that I was all excited that she had read her first word...and would have been thrilled if she'd left it at that, but she just kept on going. And she was so jazzed up and excited about it, too! I absolutely LOVE that she loves to learn new lets just hope we can keep up with her.

And since it's still impossible for me to post without photos, here are some that I took earlier in the week =).








the meaklims said...

She's absolutely smart! Very smart. Always has been. And she's very very pretty too! :)

She makes you so proud, and you should absolutely express it!

What a sweetie! I love her leg warmers!


Debbie said...

Oh goodness! I would have been surprised too....its remarkable!
Loving her hair style by the way.


Harlow Family said...

Oh goodness make her stop growing so fast!!

Dana said...

That girl is crazy smart!!!

Sammons said...

What a smarty pants indeed!! And I love how she sits right in the center of her little train track, she just cracks me up!! So cute!

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