Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Let me start by saying that no one was hurt...well, aside from "big Panda". I was cooking dinner earlier and Kerry was in and out of the kitchen, as usual, and apparently while I was peeling an onion over the trash can I didn't see her plop big Panda on the counter....right by the stove. He's kinda long and floppy and, well, his hind end apparently flopped right into the gas flame on the stove. It took a few seconds before I started smelling a "melting/burning" smell and by that time she had left the room. He never caught flame, but his hind quarters sorta scorched and melted. Ooops. Thankfully I knew that he was made by Ty and that it was named "baby Xio Lin" so 10 minutes on-line later ....replaced. Should ship out tomorrow. Phew! Poor Kerry took it better than I thought, but she did keep saying "baby Panda's okay. And pink bunny's okay. And robe's okay" as if to reassure herself that at least she still had her other friends. And she needed a little cuddling while we talked about what happened and I reassured her that Mommy would "fix it". She looked a bit sad on and off throughout the evening, but then she would rally and once again say how her other "friends" were okay.

(the gory aftermath....the white/red mess was his tag)

I'm so glad I was able to find her a new one.

Because I love my little monkey...and that smile.


melody said...

Poor Panda. Yeah for mom for ordering a new one :)

Debbie said...

Poor big Panda:-(
They are so quick arent they? It takes me all my time to keep up with my 1 year old and she is not even walking yet!
I hope you dont mind me asking but I remember from reading your blog a while ago that you went back to work part time with your Mum looking after Kerry at home...I will have the same arrangements when I go back in March. Wish I didnt have to go back at all but 3 days is better than full time! But when I think of actually leaving Gracie I feel quite sick! Any advice to a sad mum? D

the meaklims said...

Aww, poor Panda. And even more poor sweet Kerry.

You wouldn't think of cutting him around the waist or so and sewing him up. That might actually be even more traumatic actually. Not a good idea!

Hurry postman! Mama is right, I love that smile - lets keep it there! :)


PS - What I mentioned on facebook actually happened to another blogger! The Mom popped it into the oven to hide it from her daughter, then turned the oven on a few hours later...oops! Poor Barney!

Harlow Family said...

Oh no she so loves her babies! I am so glad you knew which one to order. And I love the pic of her in the clothes basket!

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