Thursday, July 8, 2010

This summer seems to be absolutely FLYING by, and we've been pretty busy with some of the typical "summer" stuff. We're still getting some use out our Zoo pass, and plan to renew it for another year. Lots of time still spent in the back yard on her playset or in the wading pool.

And Kerry seems to be growing and learning in leaps and bounds. She loves to count things lately and now counts to ten, consistently, with no mistakes. Her expressive language skills seem to be developing more and more, also. Just a few months ago she still did a lot of repeating things that we said, naming objects, colors, animals...things like that. Now she is actually trying to make conversation, telling us what she's doing, describing what she's seeing, in 2-4 word sentences. Sometimes she tells us more than we want to know, in fact. Like earlier this evening she told us she was "workin' a dirty" (her words exactly), when she was, in fact, working on a dirty diaper.

Speaking of...potty training is coming along. She has no problem with going #1 on the potty, but #2 is a no go so far. She's in pull-ups during the day but diapers at night as she seems to have a huge bladder for such a little girl and has often soaked through her pajamas and sheets. She finds an empty diaper box to be great fun, and can still fit inside of one even with her beloved robe.

She loves to play on our bed, and gets so silly and giggly that we don't have the heart to stop her. We just make sure she doesn't take a dive off the side. She loves to stack all of the pillows up and then dive into/onto them. And she likes for us to cover her up with all of the pillows and play "Where's Kerry?".

She's taken a new interest in "talking" on the phone lately, too. Mostly when she's doing something fun and she wants to tell whoever I'm on the phone with about it. When I call home from work, she likes to tell me what she and Mamaw have been up to. And earlier this evening when I was on the phone with my friend Jessica, Kerry was playing in the tub started reaching for the phone. When I finally gave it to her she
told Jess she was "taking baff! Bubble baff!!" During her bathtime , I sometimes take the opportunity to make a phone call, while in the bathroom with her of course.
She has her own way of pronouncing some of her words, too. Today we went out for one of our after dinner walks during which she collected a "weef" and a "pine coke" (leaf and pinecone).
A few other "Kerry-isms":
"By-per" = diaper
"boyd"= bird. (think Three Stooges)
"puppa" = puppy, although she often says this one correctly.
"pabble"= table
"eh-pane" = airpplane
"fwabber"= flower
"ye-yo"= yellow
"fuh-bye" and "buh-fye" = butterfly


Colin and Jill Canada said...

Oh I love those words. Get them all on video and her cute little sentences, because the words start getting corrected and the sentences start getting longer and all you want sometimes is to hear them said incorrectly and shorter!

She is as sweet as ice-cream, absolutely darling! Glad you're having a great summer and the weather has been fantastic to say the least!



Harlow Family said...

Oh I love the "dirty" one! That is too funny!! I can't wait to haver our girls day this weekend!!

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