Monday, January 25, 2010

This is Kerry's "thing" now. She likes to line things up in a nice neat row, or sometimes she "builds" things with household items. Don't get me wrong, she can make her fair share of messes, but she seems to like to "organize" things, too. She takes my spices and stacks them and builds little towers, or she lines them all up in a row. In fact, she'll do this if she finds any bunch of items that are similar in size, shape, function, whatever. So this is what I find a lot of around the house. And these were all taken within a one hour period.

in her play kitchen's oven

Makes me wonder if we have a future architect, accountant, or professional organizer on our hands. Or maybe just an extremely organized gymnast/ stunt woman/musician (her other talents).

For now, though, she's just my silly, spicy, stubborn, love-able Jiangxi girl.

forgot to add "cute-as-heck" to that list.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH MY.....she is totally CUTE!!!

Sarah is always lining things up like that...... I really started noticing it right before her second birthday. She would flip out if I tried to rearrange whatever it was she had lined up....... I think it is so funny to watch them in action. There is definitely a method to their madness:)

Hope you have a great week!



Lisa and Tate said...

I would add stunning to your list also.... SO so breathtakingly stunning!

Dana said...

Yep, multi-talented and cute as heck! Such good pictures, Gin. Makenna is more of a throw everything around and make a huge amount of chaos girl.....probably why she was matched with my family.

Anonymous said...

She IS just the cutest thing ever!

My daughter started that before age 2 - she's not remotely organized in her personal space anymore (age 10 now),but...
She's a brilliant, organized, straight A student. She excels in math - patterns, sorting, etc... The only person in her family with any math skills at all! : D


Anonymous said...

What a cutie!

From Jen

Harlow Family said...

Gin she amaze me every week! I just love those pics of her and the new blog look! Give Kerry a hugh from "Nanda" I have missed seeing you both this week!

3 Peanuts said...

That is so cute that she stacks things up like that!!! She is adorable.

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