Sunday, June 15, 2014

How can it be?!  My sweet girl has graduated Kindergarten and is eager to move on to First Grade!  Mommy had to choke back the tears during her graduation program..apparently she's more ready than I am.  

Kerry adored her Kindergarten teacher and is really going to miss her.  We couldn't have asked for a more perfect teacher for Kerry.

One last photo in front of her first ever locker.  

Of course Kerry and Nathaniel had to say their goodbyes for the summer.  And, yes, we still hear the occasional mention of marriage from these two.  Kerry still plans to "congraduate" and get a job first. Oh boy.

Kerry had an absolutely amazing Kindergarten year, as evidenced by her stack of end-of-year awards. She received awards for Art and French, top Success Maker in math and reading, Principals list for the entire year, and a JCPS Elementary Certificate of Academic Excellence.  Her favorite is her Accelerated Reading medal.   I am so proud of her academic achievements, but I'm just as proud of the other things that Mrs. Pfister has said about my girl through the year; like that she is inquisitive and enthusiastic, hard working, helpful, demonstrates leadership, and is a thoughtful friend.  I know I'm bragging on my girl, but this is her scrapbook and  I want her to be able look back and know how special she is and that Mommy and Daddy are so proud of her.  And as much as I say that I wish she didn't have to grow so fast, I have so enjoyed watching her grow in so many ways during her Kindergarten year.  She's learned so much about how the world around her works, she's become such a sweet friend to anyone and everyone, physically she's grown close to three inches, and I am in absolute awe of her confidence and self-assuredness.  I love watching her grow, but I'm still putting in writing that, just this week, she said "Don't worry, I'll be your baby girl forever."  I'm holding her to it.  =)

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