Sunday, July 27, 2014

This girl of mine is still busy lighting up our world.  We've been busy enjoying our summer and Kerry has been growing and changing at what some days seems like warp speed!  She seems to be getting very lean and muscular as she gets taller.  I'm sure this has a lot to do with the once weekly three hour pre-team gymnastics practices she's been taking part in all Summer. 


She's maturing in other ways, too.  She's always been a sweet, sweet girl with a definite "spicy" side.  You know, the normal bits of sass and poutiness you can expect from a young child..especially when they're overtired, overstimulated...or whatever. And, she she's had periods of moodiness and she just seems a bit more "emotional" than usual at times. She always seems to do this around our "gotcha day" anniversary but she always seems to have come out on the other end a bit more mature somehow.  Lately she seems to be really demonstrating so much more patience, self discipline, and she seems to really be gaining the capability to see things not just from her point of view, you know?  It's becoming clear, though, that this growth is leaving her a bit more vulnerable at times. Just today, before lunch, she was telling me how to do something and I didn't like her tone of voice so I just have her the "Mommy" look and said, "Excuse me?"... that's it.  But that's all it took for her to end up in my lap in tears.  Broke my heart. I just held her and assured her that Mommy always loves her, even when she makes mistakes, and that mistakes are okay and that even Mommy makes mistakes...a lot of them.  She was fine after a few minutes but , wow, did I ever feel horrible.  She seems to be the kind of girl who holds things in and then they end up bubbling over at unusual outside of Famous Dave's Barbeque restaurant.  It's amazing, sometimes, how much she's like me! 

 I'm noticing she's becoming more and more interested in spiritual matters, too.  We have the "Bible app for Kids" on our iPad and she spends a lot of time reading and listening to the stories and answering the questions.  At our Church she recently graduated from the preschool-Kindergarten class to the elementary age classroom downstairs and is loving it.  She talks about God and Jesus a lot more, lately, and I absolutely love it!  She seems to be at a very "teachable" stage now, spiritually,  so I'm trying to do my best to take good advantage of this. 

This little girl means the world do me, and I want to be the best Mama possible for her =).


Harlow Family said...

You and Doug are great parents Gin!!

Debbie said...

Yes, your little girl is growing up fast!

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