Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Off to Kindergarten!

Here she Kindergartner.  She has been talking about little else this past few weeks than how she couldn't wait to go to school.  She has been so excited and so, so ready.   

Look at that eager little face!
Gotta get juiced up and ready to go.

Definitely one of those photos that gives us a glimpse of what she's going to look like when she's older.  I'm so not ready for that.  Still mulling over the idea of an all girls school or convent. 

Ready to walk in to school!

Finding her seat.
I think she was ready for me to stop taking pictures and let her start her school day, hehe.

At 3:45 she walked out of that big ol' school and could barely get her seatbelt buckled for all of her excited chatter about what she'd done that day!  She said " I had so much fun at school, I can't wait until tomorrow!!" 
Today she was still as happy as could be with her new school.  I am so going to miss all of our Mondays and Tuesdays just hanging out together but I know she is happy, secure, and will just blossom this year in Kindergarten so that helps...a bit, at least  =). 

There's a little story behind these sweet little apple earrings she's wearing.  I spotted them at the Apple Barn in Gatlinburg, Tennessee at least 15 years ago and could just picture my future daughter wearing them on her first day of school, and I just had to buy them.  They sat in my jewelry armoire for the next nine years or so while I wondered if that would ever happen.  Four years ago they got a new home inside of a small Strawberry Shortcake jewelry box, and yesterday....yesterday my daughter wore them on her very first day of Kindergarten. 


Harlow Family said...

Oh Gin that is just awesome story about those earrings :-) I can't believe she is already in school

the meaklims said...

Oh my word, the earrings story gave me wet eyes... Such a sweet special moment to see your girl wear her beautiful apple earrings. She really s growing up... And is as beautiful as can be. You have raised her well, now so happy and secure to leave you and enjoy herself, knowing you will always be there for her.

Kaleena said...

Those earrings are adorable! I am glad that you got to have your little girl and that she was able to wear them on her first day like you had imagined.

Ani said...

she is just precious! here's to a great year for Kerry!

Debbie said...

What a lovely story Gin, one that Kerry will love to hear over and over again Im sure!

I bet, like me, you still have to pinch yourself that you are a mummy.......dont think that feeling will EVER go away!

Its great to hear that Kerry is lovig school :)

funks said...

So happy for you and your special earrings! I bet it was a blessing for you to finally get to take that picture. I hope she has a wonderful year.

Even Miracles said...

What a great story behind those sweet little earrings. I bet she loves them!
Time certainly does fly. Hope she has a great year!!

Michel said...

The story is amazing but the smile and the joy from her is simply contagious. Now, I'm smiling too.

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