Thursday, June 6, 2013

 It's been almost two years since we enrolled Kerry in a Mother's Day Out program.  At the time she was still struggling with some severe separation anxiety. Not much scares this girl so to see the panic and fear in her eyes when I'd leave for work, or just try to leave her in the church nursery for an hour or so was just heartbreaking!.  So when she started to show some signs of being ready to "stretch herself" in that area I found this one day a week program and decided it might be the perfect thing to help her get ready for the separation that would be coming later with her entry into school.  It has been such a blessing.  The fact that it's just one day a week, coupled with the fact that she knows her teacher, Mrs. Danna, from church has helped our girl come so far in this area! 
She loves her "school" and looks forward to seeing her friends each week.  She loves the little projects they work on and she's always extra excited for the almost monthly "Tumble-Bus" visit.
Look at that smile!
She was so proud to be "Congraduating", hehee.

This little guy and Kerry seem to have a, umm, special relationship.  She talks about him...a lot.  When she first started there she would always talk about "Va-Daniel" and I could never figure out who that was.  Well, when she suddenly started talking about "Nathaniel" every week I figured out that they were that same kid and that she had just learned to say his name correctly.  So funny.  And a few weeks back when I picked her up he kept hugging her and saying goodbye.  Mrs. Danna called me over kind of surreptitiously and told me that earlier in the day they were playing and Kerry, out of the blue, said "I just love you Nathaniel."  Oh my.

How cute are they, singing their little hearts out?!

A fuzzy shot of her getting her "diploma" from the wonderful director, Mrs. Marilyn.

I am so proud of my brave girl.  She seems to have faced her biggest fear, and conquered it!  And now she is ready face the big world of...Kindergarten..(sniff sniff).


Debbie said...

Oh oh! You're in trouble.....boys already????!!!!

Ps Hope you can access the blog now Gin

funks said...

So cute! Last week Cara told me, "Mom, I have a boyfriend. His name is Preston, but I can't catch him!"

the meaklims said...

Well done Kerry, or should I say congraduations!!! Love that!


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