Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Post surgery update.

Kerry is two days post-surgery and is doing very well and healing beautifully.  No complaints aside from itching, which is to be expected as her eyes heal and I would imagine that having tiny sutures in your lash line would be pretty itchy, too.

Taken on day one.  Puffy and bruised.

We set up the table as craft central in an attempt to keep her occupied.  When she gets a little bored or antsy around the house she tends to resort to dancing around, taking silly prat-falls, cartwheeling, handstands...all things that she does not need to be doing for at least a week.  Wish me luck with that.

Kerry got loved on through the mail by some sweet family and friends and even got a nifty balloon and purple bunny from our friends next door.
Having a little snack while relaxing with a cold compress. 

Looking a little better by evening of day one. 

 Day two post surgery.  Mommy went in to work today and Mamaw did her best to keep her busy but low-key.  I'm sooo glad we didn't do this during the summer.  It's still chilly and blah here so it helps keep her from asking every 10 minutes if she can go outside. 

My tough little cookie has not complained of any pain but I still gave her some the prescribed Tylenol with codeine a little before bedtime just as a precaution.  I thought it would help make her sleepy, too.  Nope.  But I have to share a funny little song that she sang to LG that I'm pretty sure was "codeine inspired".  It went like this:

"I love you LG, bigger than the world
I'll never get rid of you, until you are dead.
I hope you never ge-et dead." 

Oh my.


Debbie said...

I bet you are glad its all behind Kerry now!!!!!!! Dx

One Happy Mama said...

Her eyes look great though! Jasmine may need this surgery too, her eyelashes still go upward. I am glad she is doing well and praying for a quick recovery! ~nancy

the meaklims said...

Haha... That codine inspired song is too funny!! She looks fantastic and is a great patient... Well done KL!

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