Friday, March 22, 2013

My girl had been playing in the back yard using a stick as a sword and making Mommy nervous so when we spotted this nifty foam sword at Meijer's we decided it would be a much better option.  Kerry has been having a blast running wild and ridding our back yard of "monsters" and "bad Pirates" =).

She really gets into her pretend play.  It's so much fun to watch.

That Pirate won't be coming back!


That one must have been hiding in the tree =).
After being cooped up inside all Winter, my girl has been thrilled to be able to get outside and run free on a few of the slightly warmer days we've had recently.  As for Mommy, I'm ready for a real warm up so I can get out in that yard and get it spruced up for Spring.  I am sooo not a Winter person.


the meaklims said...

She is too cute, knocking off those pirates! ;) Not a pick of snow on the ground... I'm REALLY envious.
At this rate, we'll have snow to July!!


Debbie said...

What imagination.........would love to be that age again!!!

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