Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh this girl.  She is just too much sometimes... in the best way.  One of the things I first noticed, and came to love, about Kerry is that she has no problem expressing herself.     

 That definitely includes her wide range of facial expressions.  

Today my funny little clown was feeling extra expressive so, of course, I grabbed the camera..and of course egged her on with snapping away.

Until she decided it was time for a little Wii action which meant the photo session had drawn to a close.

I love this little face with it's every expression and it's smallest nuances which makes me dread the fact than in a few short weeks, she will be having outpatient surgery to fix the fact that her lower lashes are turning inward and are causing corneal abrasions.  I've mention her surprise diagnosis of eye entropion before.  We had no clue there was anything wrong until she had her first appointment with an eye doctor, just for a routine vision check, about a year and a half ago.  She does not know that her eyes should not feel the constant irritation that they must be feeling, so she never let on.  She had an appointment with one of the specialists who's been following her for this and he kinda winced and groaned when he looked at her eyes under the slit-lamp today.  Even after a few growth spurts, and as her face has matured, her corneas are still taking a beating from those inner lower lashes so it was decided that it's time to fix it.   Dr Gossman is an oculo-plastic surgeon so all he "does" is eyes, but it still makes me nervous...especially when he says that this may make her eyes look a little more "Occidental" and a little less "Oriental".  To which I, of course, replied that I did not want her to look any less Asian than she is!  He assured me that she will still look like "herself".  He does not have to touch her upper lids, only the lower lids and with tiny incision under each but Mommy is still not thrilled that this needs to be done.  That being said..it NEEDS to be done so Mommy is just going to have to deal.  I did manage to find before and after photos on-line of a 4 year old Asian boy who had  the exact same procedure done, and it really didn't change his appearance at all, so that calms my nerves a bit.  And, my goodness, if that's the only surgery she ever has to endure especially given the fact that she was adopted as a "Special Needs" child due to her VSD, then I really shouldn't be complaining at all!   But, someone is about to go at this little face that I love with a scalpel so, like I said..not exactly thrilled. 


Jessica said...

It will be ok Mommy. God knows all. My best advice pray breath and distract yourself that day.Reading does not work you will need something stronger.

Harlow Family said...

Gin I am sorry I was hoping this wasn't needed but I will be praying for you all. If you need me to be with you on that day let me know I will be there!! Love to you all!!

the meaklims said...

Aww, I'm so sorry. It's so hard to see your little one go through this, but we both know, we wouldn't do anything that isn't necessary... and this is obviously necessary for your little KL. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it would be to have your lashes scratch on your eyes all day long.

So thankful she has that beautiful attitude and expression to get her through the good times and the tough times too.


funks said...

I would be worried, too. Just remember, her little eyes will feel soooooo much better after it's done. Best of luck to Miss Kerry!

Debbie said...

Gin, I would feel exactly the same....our girls are just so precious!

Kerry is going to really, really, really notice a BIG difference isnt she??? How wonderful for you to see her little face when she realises that "scratchiness" is all away!!! Love Debbie

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