Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ah, Summer. This really is my favorite time of year, and Kerry seems to enjoy the warm weather and easy pace, too. On Sunday, after Church and grocery shopping, we spent a lazy afternoon out in the back yard.
Kerry looks lost in thought while swinging. I love this photo.
She's helped me water my little garden every day. We have two types of tomatoes, some lettuce, strawberries, and blackberries. We also have a little peach tree that we hope will be ripe for the picking in a few weeks.
Enjoying the porch swing with her hair all a mess. She lost her bow at some point during the afternoon and, for once, I never bothered to put it back in.


She's also been enjoying her "swpashin' pool"


And every evening for the past week we've enjoyed popsicles and/or ice cream out on the patio after dinner.
Finishing up just in time for the fireflies to start coming out. Dusk+ moving child= blurry photo...at least when the camera is in my hand and I have it on the no flash setting.


But, one of her new favorite things this summer is her bike seat...purchased just this past weekend. Doug and I used to ride bikes together pretty regularly during the summer, pre-Kerry. We decided that, this summer, it was time dust off the bikes and let her join in on the fun. Boy does she love it. I'm not surprised as she really likes being out of doors as much as we do when the weather is nice. It's the first time I've been on a bike in nearly two years, and I had to learn quickly how to balance with 32-ish extra pounds strapped on the back, but it's so fun to hear her little voice behind me saying "I yike riding bikes!" and pointing out everything she sees as we tool around the neighborhood. She's even started taking her "friends" with her on the rides...that's Baby Penguin above?


Jessica said...

That is our girl and outdoor baby but with y'all for parents I am not surprised. I still want a bike and a bike seat for Me and Josh.

the meaklims said...

I totally agree, summer is fabulous! Lilah has the same bike seat and she loves hers too, even still, we have many wonderful conversations while riding along!

Kerry is growing up and looking so much more mature. She's a stunning girl.


Lisa and Tate said...

So much fun to see Kerry in her life activites. She is adorable. I do love that thoughtful look on the swing. Makes you wonder what is on her sweet mind.

Kristi said...

She's too cute for words! We bought a bike trailer last summer & Piper is always begging to go for a ride! Our girlies must be almost the exact same size - piper just hit 32 lbs too & finally hit 37"!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

She is so precious!! I love her little toes in the photo of her on the bench eating ice cream....... ADORABLE!!

Hope you have a great week~



Football and Fried Rice said...

LOVE lazy summer days in the backyard!! Ms. Kerry Lu is so funny :-) So glad that you can go on family bike rides now!

Football and Fried Rice said...

And SUCH a sweet reunion with the China girls! WOW!

3 Peanuts said...

I love her messy hair on the front porch the best:)

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