Saturday, April 24, 2010

What she's been up to.

My girl is a very busy lil' munchkin with energy to spare. We figured out early on that if she doesn't have a regular and easily accesible outlet for her energy, she starts to get restless and grumpy. This is why we take our daily walks. Sometimes twice daily, in fact. And she has a mini-trampoline in her basement play space that she goes crazy on regularly. It's great for the winter months and on rainy days. But when the weather is nice, you'll find us outdoors. Recently we went to one of our favorite places, Bernheim Forest, to let her run loose for a few hours.

She talked with the ducks and swans a bit..

had some fun with these great natural building blocks in the play area of the visitor's center..

These photos were taken seven months ago at the same table. See how much she's grown ?!

There's still lots of time decicated to blowing bubbles...

She took some time out, one day, to organize these soda bottles. She's still really into collecting objects of similar size, shape, function, handy containers.

She's helped feed our fish every afternoon...

and even stopped to contemplate life by the pond.

She's still obsessed with the "fwabbers" that we consider weeds. Somedays her pigtails take on a life of their own....this was one of those days =).

And this one....this one I don't really have an explanation for. It's just cute.


Jessica said...

Oh" She's getting so big. I miss you guys so much. You can tell how happy she is and how much she loves nature. Love it.

Wendy said...

Great pictures! I wish I had half the energy these kiddos have and they are growing way to fast!!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Okay, that last picture, it is just the cutest EVER! I adore the dress she's wearing in it too!

So tell me, how come your daughter likes walking and mine doesn't! :)

Lilah wants to be carried EVERYWHERE. And if she doesn't get carried, she gets upset...and she even starts crying at the very thought of having to walk.

I thought it was just something she missed in her early months, so I've been keeping it up...but sometimes it is just too much. Especially now this new thing has started... When I say we're going out, she asks me right away 'Are we going in the car?', 'Are we taking the stroller?' If the answer is a no to either of these she gets upset.

I would also say she doesn't seem to have near the energy Kerry has. Hmm!

I guess I'll have to look into it.
Hugs, Jill.

Virginia said...

Oh I wouldn't worry, too much Jill. Believe me, Kerry gets a lot of use out of her stroller, and our arms, too. If we take too long of a walk, she'll end up wanting to be carried after a while. We take her wagon sometimes if we know we're going to taking the long route through the neighborhood, or we we go to someplace like the Zoo, so she can ride in it if she gets tired. She seems to have these big bursts of energy throughout the day,after which she'll sort of take it easy for a while, whereas Lilah seems to be more even keel. It's great that Lilah "needs" her Mama and Baba and is so affectionate, too.


Colin and Jill Canada said...

Thanks Gin, I hadn't gotten back here to see if you replied, thanks for letting me know!

I appreciate your note and feel better knowing she isn't too different in energy to others. I do love to carry her and some day not far from now will be the last time I carry that's sad! I should just suck it up and be thankful she loves the closeness.

You're such a sweetheart Gin, thanks!


The Byrd's Nest said...

I LOVE her pigtails....just love them! She is a busy little girl and so curious...her little mind is growing and don't you just adore their curiosity????

Dana said...

Oh these are just too cute!I just love her sweet little expressions She has grown a lot hasn't she? Makenna is a ball of constant motion as well. When they get to the "playing together" age maybe they will wear each other out! Hope to see you soon:)

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