Friday, February 28, 2014

Things she's said lately =)

This girl of mine talks...a lot.  Before I forget, I have to write down a few of the things she's said recently.
"Mommy, I don't ever want to die, I'll miss the IPad.  Are there IPads in Heaven?" 
" I'm serious-ing you!"  (when she really, really means what she's saying, ha!)
"I'm going to marry Nathaniel...but not until I congraduate and get a good job."
Kerry:  "Guess what my boyfriend's favorite color is"
Me:  "Umm, what?!  What boyfriend?"
Kerry:  "Alexander!"
Me:  "Ummm, and what makes you think he's your boyfriend?"
Kerry:  "Because he said he was."
"I know I'm only in Kindergarten but it seems like I'm, like....a 4th grader!"

"My leg hurts.  I think I'm having growing pains.  That makes sense, because my birthday is coming soon." 


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the meaklims said...

Haha, Oh I love these. The growing pains and ipads in heaven gave me a big chuckle!!

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