Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bernheim Colorfest 2013

Last Sunday, on a whim, we decided to go to Colorfest at Bernheim Arboretum.  

Kerry enjoyed checking out the Alpacas.  Sweet animals...pretty cute, too.
They had THE softest hand-knitted goods made from the Alpaca hair for sale.
Silly girl.

Snack break.

Piggy-back break  =)



Mommy thought the raptors were pretty cool ( I kind of have a thing for owls, especially).


She had a blast in the huge corn maze.

Just looking pretty while waiting her turn on the rope bridge.  The Boy Scouts set one up each year.  This was Kerry's first time on it and she thought it was pretty awesome. 


But I think the highlight of the day for her was discovering just how much fun it is to roll as fast as possible down a huge grassy hill.  Check out that smile!


Even though we're nowhere near peak I did get a few shots of the emerging Fall colors.


funks said...

She cracks me up with her rain boots. Cara wears hers everywhere, too. :)

Debbie said...

The fall colours where you are - amazing!

And I agree with above... dont they love their welly bobs? Gracie loves to wear hers right through the makes me have a hot flush when I look at her :D

Kerry is getting tall Gin!

Virginia said...

Tell me about it Debbie! She really seems to be in the middle of another growth spurt!

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