Tuesday, November 29, 2011

KerrySanta 2011

What can I say, three year old girls are just fickle!

We were near a different mall today after an appointment, and it was a cold drizzly day, so we decided to hang out there for a bit and maybe get some Christmas shopping done. We passed by Santa's place and I guess she decided she liked the looks of this Santa and was feeling brave so she said "I want to go in and see him". Well, all-righty then...if only she could have done this 2 days ago when I had her actually dressed for a visit with Santa. Oh well, I adore this photo, and this girl, anyway. =)
He was a very good Santa and she was sooo, so sweet telling him that "Daddy wants new pajamas, Mommy wants earrings (I didn't tell her this), and I want a computer game". He talked to her and asked her questions and really won her over. She told him that she wanted him to come to her house and even told him what street she lived on. We found out that his favorite cookie is chocolate chip, so I guess we'll be leaving some out on Christmas Eve because, trust me, she will not let us forget.
So, how about a little look back so we can really appreciate the evolution in this relationship between Kerry and the big guy in red.
Kerry Santa 09

Surly Santa..taxidermy Reindeer...and an unhappy Kerry. Nice.

kerry santa 10
Good Santa...Kerry was doing great until she actually got up in his lap at which point she went into a state of shock at what she had just done.
And then there was todays photo.
I love todays photo =).


the meaklims said...

Oh I love this shot too!! And I totally remmeber those older pictures of her not liking him so much! Maybe she understands more about him bringing her presents now!! :)


Debbie said...

I dunno Gin.....I think that first Santa looks a bit glum!!! LOL! But I love this year's pic :-) Debs

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh dear...Lottie won't even stand within 20 feet of Santa! Yay for Kerry Lu!!!!!

nancy said...

Adorable! Blessings.

Lisa and Tate said...

So cute! Love the brightness of Kerry on the Santa's lap. This year I have Tate scheduled for a santa shoot that I wear the costume so she will interact naturally.

I cannot wait!

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