Monday, November 28, 2011


My girl is very....expressive =)


It's going to be Christmas-card-picture-taking-time soon. Wish me luck.


She's looking festively red in these photos because I took her to see Santa was a no go. She wanted nothing to do with this strange bearded man in red so I didn't make her do it. She is, however, very excited for Christmas and, now that Thanksgiving is over she has been asking daily, "Is it Christmas yet?"

Things have been a little crazy and unsettled around here lately, which is my excuse for lack of posting lately. I feel horrible about it, too, because at the same time, Kerry is doing and saying the funniest things lately. She is growing and changing so much and I really need to document this more so I don't forget any of it.

She is full of imagination and pretend and I just love watching her play and listen to the little scenarios she comes up with. One of her favorite things to do right now is play "grocery store". We take turns being shopper and cashier, and when Daddy gets pulled in he is bag-boy, he hee.

Kerry's little dwarf hamster, Ruby, died unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago. She took it as well as could be expected. She just asked several times over the next couple of days "What happened to Ruby?" and "Why did Ruby have to get dead?" Explaining death to your three year old is tricky, and sad. Lucky for me, she has been watching the Lion King as much as we'll let her, lately, and so I was able to kind of use the scene where Mufasa dies to explain it to her as gently as possible. I purposely avoided saying that she "got sick" and died because I could just imagine the thoughts that would enter her head the next time one of us gets sick. We almost lost another pet last night. Our cat, Salem, started acting sick and painful last night and was really worrying me so I took him to a local 24 hour emergency vet. It turns out he had a life threatening urinary blockage. They sedated him, got the blockage out and flushed his bladder, and he is home now recuperating and feeling much, much better. He'll be on a special diet from now on to hopefully prevent that from happening again.

So I spent several hours at the emergency vet last night, then a doctors appointment of my own this morning, then back to Salems regular vet today to make sure he's still urinating and doing okay today, another appointment for me tomorrow, then one for Kerry on the 14th, and another for me on the 19th....this is what I mean when I say things are a little crazy lately. We did get to spend a nice relaxing evening putting up our Christmas tree tonight, though. Should be posting pictures of that, of course, soon...hopefully.


Jessica said...

Hey welcome to my world of schedules That are crazy Mine have always been this way. LOL. Glad Salem is better. Love the hair bow and dress. she is getting so big.

Lisa and Tate said...

Yikes... Lots of MD appts... poor you.

We lost our Mesa dog last Jan. Really tough to explain it to a 2.5 yr old why her snuggle puppy was no longer here. I told her Mesa was sick (ooopps) and went to heaven to live with her Heavenly Father. Heaven to Tate is at the moon. Tate will see the moon and will say things to Mesa. Sweet but heart wrenching at times.

Wish we lived close so our gals can play... Tate is totally into the same things as Kerry only we don't have the bagboy... too funny!

3 Peanuts said...

She is just adorable. I love her little expressions. Sorry about Ruby and glad the cat is okay.


Harlow Family said...

I am sorry to hear about Salem but I am so glad he is doing better!! Love the photo's and I can't wait to see the Christmas one's!!

the meaklims said...

Poor did a great job explaining death to her, Mommy. She is getting so much older looking in these pictures, and funny too, with her expressions! :)


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh losing a pet is just so hard on their little hearts. I think you did a fabulous job explaining to her.

Hope you guys have an amazing Christmas my friend!!!

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