Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It was a looooong, cold winter.  I do not enjoy winter.   I enjoy watching my girl playing in the snow....that's basically #1 on my list of the one thing I like about winter.  

Goodbye and good riddance, winter.

Moving along, my girl recently made a very big decision in her young life.  Kerry accepted Jesus and was baptized!  She's very young, but she really "gets it".  One night she just kept asking lots of questions about "being saved" and just could not seem to let it go.  I tend to believe that you can tell what they know by the questions they ask, and that if she's asking a question, she's probably ready for an answer.  So I did my best to explain it to her.  Shortly after that she informed me that she had asked Jesus into her heart!  Two weeks later she was baptized.   

On February 28th my sweet girl turned seven!!  Oh my word I cannot believe she is seven.  This year she celebrated at Chuck-E-Cheese with her cousins and two friends.  Seriously, how can she be seven?!

This past week she decided she was finally ready to ditch the training wheels for good.  Kerry is two-wheeling it, now!  Can you please stop growing so fast, baby girl?  Please?

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Michelle said...

I just found your blog and have been reading it all day. I love reading about Kerry and how you adopted her. She is seriously the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen!!

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