Friday, August 20, 2010

God bless corn...

This evening's dinner blessing....well, Kerrys contribution at least...went something like this:
"Bess mommy daddy! Nana Papaw! Mamaw Papaw! Si-ney (cousin Sidney)! and CORN!"


I'm telling you, this girl loves corn on the cob. She can finish a large cob on her own with no problem. And when I say finish, I mean not one kernel left. This is good, since lately she's trying her best to subsist on meat, and the occasional starch, alone.

She later went on to also ask God's blessing for her cup, daddy's cup, "weefs", trees, "buh-fies" (can you tell we were eating out on the screened patio tonight?), her fork, her mashed potatoes, our neighbor "Manda", and teeth.


After dinner which, as you can imagine, took a little longer than usual, she decided to try out her tricycle. She's almost got the pedaling on her own thing down, but not quite. Look at those little knees, I've always loved those chubby little knees =).


Harlow Family said...

Bess Miss Kerry as well! She just makes my day!! Love ya Miss Kerry

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Oh she's a darling!!

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