Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kerry speaks

Kerry has had quite an extensive vocabulary for a while now. Before we even left China she had picked up at least 4 or words in English and could use them correctly. And she has no problem naming objects or people. But it wasn't until recently that she started stringing words together. It actually started on her second birthday, 3 months ago, that she started putting 2 words together. But in the past week or two, she's had some sort of language explosion and is starting to use 3, 4, and even the odd 5 word sentences. It's so cute to hear her try so hard to really talk. And now she's doing so much more than parroting what she hears, she's now trying to describe things, tell you about what she's done, and have actual conversations. She says things like:

"Daddy go work"

"Ying Ying nessnace (necklace)" "Mama nessnace, too!"
(whenever we have something, or are doing something alike, she likes to point it out)

"Mama coming, too?"

"Daddy taking a nap"

"Maw Maw go home" (when my mom leaves after watching her)

" da Car! Black car! (when she spots our car in a parking lot)

"Mama fower (shower) gone!"

" Yummy a tummy!" (yummy to my tummy)

" Thank you a helping."

"Daddy/Mama clean up."

"Cheekin dumpings all gone"

"Mama, hold you" (when she wants held)

And this one she said tonight.
"Mama peepee! Mama big girl!
(no explanation needed)
Oh, and guess who's almost learned to count to ten (she leaves out 5 and 7 but gets the rest in order)?! Yikes! Oh well, I guess they can't stay babies forever.


Ms. J said...

I clearly remember those "language explosions"! It was so exciting. I like when Lil Pumpkin says things nowadays like "hmmm, it's very interesting" - ya know, things that sound like an adult making an observation?! LOL.

Harlow Family said...

She amaze me every day with her new words! You will have to bring me up to date when I get home on Friday!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

How sweet is Kerry Lu!

I adore the 'Yummy a tummy', it's adorable! And the peepee one, I totally get you there! Lilah stands in front of me and tells me, "I'm so proud of you doing peepee's in the toilet". Lol!


Jessica said...

LOL to the bathroom thing. Wait till she is in the stall with you and says that out loud for everyone else in the bathroom to hear. It is so much more embarrassing then.

3 Peanuts said...

Oh it is so exciting. You are going to be so glad you have all of this recorded here. It is too easy to forget.

Dana said...

I love when I get to hear her say something in her cute little voice:) She is so smart! See you guys tomorrow.

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