Sunday, November 18, 2007

I know I've got at least two years to wait, but once in a while I'll see something that's just "perfect". And if it's not size specific (we don't know if she'll be a tiny 8 mos. or chunky 12 mos.) I figure what's the harm in picking up a few things here and there for her =). It's never too early to start getting prepared, right?

Remember this clock from when you were a kid?

I couldn't resist this little dark haired, dark eyed Cabbage Patch baby.

I got this little Panda at the Zoo's gift shop, it's named "Baby Xio Lin"


Kate said...

Thanks for the comment.
Have you found the jellycat truffles panda, I blogged about it in early November - Alice's absolute favourite, pricey but the best value for money as it's so popular.
Good luck,

Kimber said...

You are right about not knowing. most people assume the babies are tiny. Our Kate is a chunky monkey. She is 26 lbs at only 18 months and wears all size 2T clothes! I would definitely wait on most of the clothes until referral.


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