Tuesday, October 2, 2007

And so it begins...

Well, we are on our way to becoming Mommy and Daddy. We have quite a wait ahead of us, from all indications, so i've decided to do what all the other China-adopting-mommy's seem to be doing...I'm gonna blog to pass the time. Our Dossier was sent to China on Sept. 21 so our Log-in date should be any time now. I'm bracing myself for the long wait and hoping for the best. In the mean time...we're just going to keep busy =). Just today I did something sort of commemorative and planted a "China Girl" Holly bush ( fitting, huh?)

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I've been happily married to my wonderful husband for 15 years. Two year ago we were blessed to welcome our first child, a Daughter from China and are absolutely in love with her.

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